Why Smoke a Machine Made Cigar?

November 10, 2015

Let’s face it, when it comes to quality, nothing beats a fine premium handmade cigar. So why consider machine-made cigars at all? To answer this question, let’s first examine how they are made. Handmade cigars are made with all long filler tobaccos. To create each cigar, the roller must trim away portions of the tobacco to achieve the proper size; he or she must also trim pieces off the wrapper for the same purpose. All of these leftover pieces are shipped to a domestic factory, where they become machine made cigars. If this excess surplus is well aged, and of outstanding quality than that factory will produce a good smoke. Obviously, it will never have the same quality as the original, but the huge difference in price still makes it an excellent value.

Other than smoking quality, a premium handmade will warrant a higher price due to the cost of labor. A single torcedor may roll between 75 and 150 cigars per day, while a cigar-making machine can produce thousands.

Then, besides price, what are the advantages of smoking a Backwoods Cigar over that $10.00 stick with the very high rating? For starters, it is very difficult to roll a handmade cigar. Bunching long-filler leaves is a very demanding task, and if the roller gets it wrong, you will get a hernia trying to pull any air out of it. On the other hand, a cigar precision made using calibrated machines is always a guarantee of a great draw.

Handmade cigars, like anything made by hand will be slightly inconsistent. Like them or not, every single machine made will taste the same. That Backwoods mentioned earlier is a very consistent cigar with predominantly all-natural tobaccos!

Premium cigar smoking can be an expensive hobby, especially if you smoke several a day. Therefore, for those times when you are doing menial tasks like mowing the lawn, or simply need a quick stogy break, before breaking out your after dinner Montecristo White, a nice machine made will soothe the urge.

Lastly, for complete novices on the fence about taking up this hobby, the predictability of a milder machine-made cigar offers a less intimidating way to discover the world of cigar smoking.


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