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June 22, 2015

JR University

Cigar school is in session! Whether you are a practiced enthusiast or want to properly enjoy a smoke for the first time, there is always something new to learn. Our experts have crafted easy-to-follow cigar tips that will both entertain and educate as you learn about how to correctly store, cut, ash and smoke your selected stogies. Are you curious about the intricacies of the industry or the wide variety of flavors that are available? Our helpful cigar guides will recommend top brands and disclose the various steps that are taken to cultivate the seasoned, aged tobacco for the perfect smoke. So sit back, light up a favorite, and learn more about what makes a cigar truly a thing of beauty and wonder.

JR Cigar Quick Tip Videos

Join JR’s resident cigar expert Steve Nathan as he offers some helpful tips in these short, but informative videos.

Nicaraguan Cigars

Nicaragua’s warm and gentle weather combined with nutritious volcanic earth makes it the ideal place to grow tobacco. Find out more about the best cigars from Nicaragua.

Favorite Dominican Cigar Brands

The Dominican Republic has a long and rich history of cigar making. Learn more about some of the top cigars every smoker should know.

Honduran Cigars

Honduran cigars may not get all the buzz that their Dominican and Nicaraguan counterparts get. JR University will show you that Honduras has a lot of great brands to offer as well.

How To Keep Cigar Beetles At Bay

Don’t lose your stash to a beetle infestation. Keep those nasty bugs away from your smokes with our handy guide.

How To Pack A Tobacco Pipe

Packing a pipe can be quite a challenge for a new smoker if you don’t know the proper technique.

Hookah Tobacco Tips

Hookahs may seem like exotic gadgets, but they’re gaining in popularity. Here are some basics.

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Cigar Shapes

Cigars come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Find out what all those measurements are really about in this fact-filled primer.

Refilling Your Lighter

We all run out of fuel eventually. Find out the best ways to refill your trusty lighter.

Cigar Ash 101

What does your cigar’s ash tell about you and your cigar? Find out all about this overlooked aspect and learn how to ash the right way!


Recently, E-cigarettes are getting more popular. Learn all about what they are, how they work and how they differ from traditional cigarettes.

A Guide To Famous Cigar Bars

Wondering where the most famous and most exciting and entertaining cigar bars are in the world. We’ve got some great info about them right here!

Intro To Cigar Growing And Picking

Are you new to the cigar world? Here’s your chance to learn about the parts of a cigar, the perfect growing environment, cultivating tobacco seeds, picking and drying tobacco, and more.

A Guide To Cigar Wrappers

The wrapper of a cigar is the outside leaf and an integral part of the cigar. Find out all about the different wrapper colors, the various wrapper types, and the wrappers that are most popular with cigar smokers.

Pairing Coffee With Cigars

Coffee and cigars – two of this countries favorite indulgences. This section covers the ins and outs of pairing the two together.

Pairing Drinks With Cigars

The perfect accompaniment to a great cigar is a great drink that pairs well with the smoke. Whether it’s wine, beer, scotch, or another favorite spirit, you can find out how to match them up here.

JR Cigar School

Do you want to learn about cigars? Did you always wish you could take a class on it? Well, we have a Cigar School just for you. Each lesson is packed with enough knowledge, that by the end you’ll be a cigar expert!

JR Top Ten Brands

Browse our featured brand pages which highlight our top ten selling brands. With detailed descriptions, staff comments, videos, and pictures you’ll have all the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

JR Top Ten Cigar Tips

Tired of cigars burning up one side only? Confused about Relative Humidity (Rh)? Well, we’ve got a list of hints that are so simple, yet so helpful, you’ll be surprised you hadn’t thought of them yourself!

Cigar Storage

Cigars are hygroscopic in nature. In lay terms, this means that they will, over time, dry out in a dry climate or absorb moisture in a humid one. And they will continue to do so until their own moisture content matches that of the ambient climate around them.

Cigar Cutting 101

Almost always, the best way to cut a cigar is quickly and decisively – but before we get into how, let’s talk about “where” …

JR Alternative History

In 1971, my wife and I operated a tiny cigar store on the corner of 5th Avenue and 45th Street in Manhattan. When you’re operating a store that’s a grand
total of 14 feet wide and 21 feet long, there’s not a hell of a lot of room to display many cigars, so I had a fixture-maker create two large, vertical showcases so that LaVonda and I could display a tremendous variety of cigars in a very small amount of space …

Cigar Aging

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the theory that aging has a critical impact on a cigar’s body and flavor. Initial aging after their rolling is essential to allow the cigar to dry and stabilize. Not only will this greatly improve the flavor, but also greatly improve the burn and draw …

Maduro 101

Of course, you already know “maduro” means that a cigar’s wrapper is a dark color. But is that as far as it goes? If you want to know exactly what it takes to harvest a maduro wrapper, how many varieties of maduro wrappers there are, and even some trade “secrets,” check out this article full of never-before-published info, authored by Steve Saka.

Narrow Ring Gauges

Are you under the delusion that small-ringed cigars are for wimps? Or do you simply subscribe to the idea that bigger is better? Well, in this
article Steve Saka debunks these theories by revealing the downside to large-ringed cigars, and suggests several smaller-gauged smokes to try out. Learn why it is not always the best deal to “super-size” …

JR Desktop Wallpapers

Tired of looking at that boring desktop on your computer? Want to show everyone at the office or at home that you love cigars? Download one of our slick desktop wallpapers and decorate your computer with images of your favorite cigar brand!


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