Two Great Cigars in One- The Cain Nub

December 19, 2015

Expertly fashioned by cigar master Sam Leccia and the Oliva family, the Cain Nub is a hybrid of two well-respected, high quality Oliva cigar lines. The unique Nub brand is full ligero powerhouse with a revolutionary shorter design that promises to hit the infamous “sweet spot” immediately upon lighting, while the Cain boasts a full-length, robust smoke. When combined, we get the seamless Cain Nub.

Handcrafted with your choice of a thick and leathery Habano leaf or a dark and oily Maduro, Cain Nub employs a powerful mix of aged ligero tobaccos from the most fertile regions of Nicaragua. This rich, robust smoke is bursting with smooth flavor including ever-present hints of sweetness, spice, and coffee. Ultimately, the Cain Nub is a well-balanced cigar that prides itself on delivering consistent, delicious flavors throughout

Cain Nub 460 Maduro is a premium fireplug, packaged in a box of 24 that gets right to the point in terms of flavor. Dark, oily, and medium to full-bodied in strength; this bold 460 Maduro packs the same punch as its larger cousins the moment that it’s lit.

A true work of art, the brilliantly designed Cain Nub 464 Torpedo Habano with its whopping 64-ring, gives you all of the explosive flavor a figurado has to offer without having to wait for it to open up.

The Cain Nub is the perfect cigar for those days when you want the full smoking experience condensed into a short amount of time, or if you simply love its shape. Succinct, captivating, and straightforward, the Cain Nub disproves the theory that good things come to those who wait!


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