The Xikar Cigar Lighters: Tradition and Elegance Defined

January 25, 2016

Xikar, one of the reigning kings of top-quality cigar accessories, was founded by Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger in 1994. These two entrepreneurs set out to design a cutter that was better than both the inexpensive and the high-end models sold at the time. The result was the famous Xikar cutter, first assembled in a garage and now highly regarded as the finest in the world.

Today, Kurt and Scott have utilized their remarkable design and engineering skills to new heights with a powerful portfolio of cutters, humidification devices, travel humidors, butane, and our topic today, lighters.

Although no two cigar smokers are exactly alike, most prefer a torch lighter with a jet flame instead of the traditional soft flame used by cigarette and pipe smokers. With that in mind, Xikar has created an extensive lineup of popular cigar torch lighters in many shapes, styles, and colors to appeal to just about every smoker’s personal taste and lifestyle.

We put our heads together and picked five staff-favorite Xikar lighters for further review, but please bear in mind that taste is subjective; while your choice may not be on this list, our whole lineup is on our website. Further, our choices are purely aesthetic; with Xikar’s reputation of outstanding craftsmanship, ease of use, and lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

1. Xikar Silver Flash Single Torch is sleek and sexy, and sits well in the top pocket of your favorite sport jacket. This beauty features a large fuel tank, durable body, and a powerful single torch.

2. Xikar Clear Tech Triple-Flame is a great choice for those who like the original scuba-tank design that made the modern torch lighter a huge hit. Taking out the guesswork, a rugged transparent exterior lets you see exactly how many more smokes you can fire up before your next refill.

3. Whether you’re climbing, hiking, biking, spelunking, or just puffing on your windy deck, the Xikar Black Stratosphere Windproof lighter offers top performance at any elevation. This rugged black model offers single-thumb action, protective rubber casing, a fuel window, and even a lanyard for smokers on the go (or those of us who tend to lose stuff).

4. The trend today is big power within a small, slim, and sleek silhouette—just look at your TV or smartphone. The Xikar Ultra Combo Gunmetal lighter is the modern answer to stealthy cigar lighting. Thin as a matchbook, this gunmetal beauty even houses a magnetically attached cutter!

5. Topping our charts and breaking the mold of standard-shaped lighters, the top-quality Xikar Turrim Dual Flame lighter is a cylindrical marvel with a massive fuel tank and a powerful double-flame torch. Defying categorization, this beauty feels good in the hand, fits in a cigar slot inside your travel case, or doubles as a durable tabletop lighter. Best of all, you won’t find another like this one on the planet!


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