The Original NUB Cigar

December 19, 2015

Although sporting a 4” inch length, nothing about the popular Nub Cigar is small. What started it out as concept in 2008 has blossomed into one of the best-selling cigars on the planet!

The Nub by Olivia comes in a variety of wrappers, but at the core of each and every one is top-quality Nicaraguan tobacco. Despite its short dimension, the Nub packs the same punch as its full sized counterparts and hits that much anticipated “sweet spot” immediately upon lighting. Think of it as enjoying all the benefits of a Toro, Churchill, or Robusto in a fraction of the time. Nub is the ideal replacement for one of these “big boys” when time is of the essence- or perfect on its own.

A smooth, medium-bodied smoke, Nub 460 Cameroon, and Torpedo cigars sports a silky African Cameroon wrapper that adds a toasty element to the blend. Additional top notes of earth, spice, cedar, nutmeg, and coffee makes for a delightful treat for experienced palates, as well as novice cigar smokers alike. For crushproof travel, The Nub 460 Cameroon Tubo is also an excellent choice.

Fans of milder smokes will love the Nub 460 Connecticut, and the 464 Torpedo with its creamy-smooth golden brown Connecticut wrapper that renders a smooth, fragrant medium-bodied smoke laced with wood, cedar, and rich nutty flavors. The popular Tubed 460 makes an excellent presentation for that special smoker in your life.

The popular Nub 460 Habano and 464 Torpedo Habano cigars are the epitome of bold, spicy Nicaraguan flavor. Rolled in a dark, oily, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, these full-bodied puros are brimming with luxurious notes of espresso, caramel, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and dried fruit. Habano is a real treat for enthusiasts that enjoy a stick with plenty of kick! You can also buy them in a tube for safe crushproof travel!

The super premium Nub 460 Maduro and Nub 464 Habano Torpedo exhibit dark, oily, and zesty Brazilian maduro wrappers for a creamy, full-bodied, and naturally sweet smoke loaded with coffee, toffee, dark chocolate, and sweet spice flavors. Maduro fans will find these tasty devils, also available in colorful tubes simply irresistible!


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