The Nat Sherman Timeless

November 10, 2015

Since 1930, the Sherman family has dominated the American cigar retail industry. They have created some of the most popular blends, created some unique and popular sizes, and established a landmark store in New York City that is still a destination for aficionados. They began working with the Quesada family and rolled out some amazing Dominican cigars including their Metropolitan line. Yet, in all their years of high quality service, it seemed as if Nat Sherman was unable to obtain that same prestige and recognition as their competitors.

Their cigars were always well constructed and perfectly priced, however the illustrious Cigar Aficionado Top 25 list eluded them year after year. This was not because their cigars were of poor quality or not popular. It just seemed that Nat Sherman had become stagnate in their blend development. That all changed in 2012. Joel Sherman and his family set out to rejuvenate their line, and began to develop some outstanding blends that helped make Nat Sherman a new favorite among the small batch boutique smokers.

The Nat Sherman Timeless was their most renowned creation. This is the cigar that brought Nat Sherman into the 21st century, full steam ahead. It was a drastic change of format from their previous blends, but it showed the ingenuity of the Sherman family and the Quesada family, their partners in blending.

It uses a dark Honduran wrapper that gives it hints of cocoa and leather. It is wrapped around a superb combination of vintage Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Its filler makes it creamy and smooth, but with a terrific hint of spice. The band is a representation of a clock, with the year 1930 written underneath. This band represents a much deeper theme than you may realize. It is showing that the company’s beginnings and traditions may have begun in 1930, but their quality, ideals, and ingenuity are truly timeless.


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