The Legendary Swisher Sweet Outlaw Cigars

November 10, 2015

Swisher Sweets are enormously popular cigars with a proud history that dates back to 1958. A filtered line that is available in both Wood Tips and plastic Tip Cigarillo are perfect for those who prefer no tobacco touching their lips. The company also sells Cigarillos and classic sized cigars, like the King a 5 x 40 Corona .Also featured are three old-school figurado shapes, the timeless Blunt, the pyramid shaped King, and the Perfecto. All of these are blessed with a very mild, sweet taste that is sure to delight. Dessert and pipe tobacco lovers have come to savor the Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Blueberry, and Grape.

One cigar in this top-quality roster really stands out from the rest, and it’s the only predominantly all tobacco offering in the lineup. Namely the Swisher Sweet Outlaws.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s when Clint Eastwood Western movies were all the rage, many cigar companies created that shaggy, rustic looking cigar that was always sticking out of his mouth. To re-create this bygone era when horsepower meant you rode a horse, the idea for the Swisher Sweet Outlaws were born. Even today, this affordable novelty stogy holds a huge market share and attracts younger smokers.

Available in two varieties, the original Swisher Sweet Outlaws are an all-tobacco machine made cigar with that rich earthy flavor that choice Honduran tobaccos provide.

The Swisher Sweets Outlaws Rum like the original has that same satisfying Honduran flavor gently infused with everybody’s favorite Island whiskey. The combination creates a very satisfying and highly aromatic smoke.

For a nice change of pace from your boring looking regular sticks, go ahead and make your day, and order some Swisher Outlaws today!


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