The Fabulous Flavors Of Dutch Masters Cigars

October 29, 2015

The famous Dutch Masters marque is highly regarded throughout the world. The brand has been satisfying cigar lovers since 1911 with Cuban seed leaves, rich earthy tobacco flavor, and a mild captivating aroma. Today their expanded lineup includes a multitude of flavored offerings sure to please the modern smoker.

For those who love a very sweet smoke, a luscious grape flavor is offered in two shapes,the Dutch Masters Cigarillos Grape is a 4.5 x 28 little flavor bomb. If you enjoy your smokes in a more substantial size, the Corona Grape will give you more time to savor this sugary treat.

The sweet aroma and rich, top-quality pipe tobacco flavors will have you loving the Cigarillos Vanilla. These yummy smokes are available in packs and Upright Boxes.

Dutch Masters Corona Sports Honey feature a Candela green wrapper for smooth tobacco taste that blends beautifully with the essence of golden honey.

If you’re looking for a lively refreshing smoke, nothing fits the bill better that the Dutch Masters Cigarillos Mint Fusion. The fusion series also offers a special treat for dessert fans with their outstanding Cigarillos Java Fusion, a coffee lover’s delight, and the Cigarillos Rum Fusion, a whiskey tobacco that soothes the senses.

If all of these magnificent flavors still don’t have your taste buds hopping, the Dutch Masters line also offers you Chocolate, Cognac, Cognac X.O, the “berry” good Berry Fusion, Wine, and the other grape- tangy White !

Flavor enthusiasts are sure to find their perfect treat with this extensive lineup from Garcia Vega.


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