Take a Whiff of Garcia y Vega

November 9, 2015

With about a gazillion little machine Cigarillo’s flooding the market, only a handful live up to the reputation of Garcia y Vega. Smokers that appreciate an affordable little cigar that is big on flavor, always turn to America’s favorite quick little smoke, the Garcia y Vega Whiffs.

Founded back in 1882, (that was the Chester A. Arthur administration, for all you history buffs), this is one of the oldest surviving machine made brands in the world. With over 133 years of cigar making experience, you can count on a consistently great smoke!

Not your ordinary “blah” domestic stick, the Whiff consists of a homogenized tobacco leaf binder, and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos all machine rolled inside a real nice looking all tobacco Indonesian wrapper. The result is a very tasty little smoke with notes of earth, cedar, spice, and pepper.

For an even creamier taste experience the popular Garcia y Vega Whiffs Gold with its naturally sweet all natural wrapper is sure to please fans of ultra-smooth creamy tobacco.

Whether you’re running errands, need a quick break from your hectic day, or simply don’t have time for a full size smoke, both of these tasty Whiffs are sure to satisfy.


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