Swisher Sweets: A Big Bang For Your Buck

November 9, 2015

They say one man’s filet-mignon is another man’s Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. Actually, we really don’t know who says that, but the point is that not every smoker has to have a premium cigar to achieve pleasure from this great hobby. If that were the case, Swisher Sweets Cigars would not be one of the bestselling cigar brands in America, and throughout the world.

With centuries of tobacco making experience behind them, this prestigious company turned the domestic tobacco industry upside down in 1958, when they first introduced the original Swisher Sweet Cigars.

Appropriately called America’s favorite cigars, Swisher International has amassed a lineup suited to appeal to every type of smoker. Aside from the Sweets, their legendary lineup includes the highly touted King Edward Cigars. Voted the #1 Cigar in America in 1941, these classic stogy’s are still going strong today, beloved the world over for their smooth creamy flavor and captivating aroma.

Blackstone Tipped Cigars, another top-quality smoke in the diverse Swisher International portfolio is made with aromatic pipe-tobacco, offering the enthusiast the best of both worlds. For those who need that quick fix, the Santa Fe Filtered Cigars offered in mild, menthol, original, and sweet grape really hit the spot.

In summary, the whole Swisher Sweet lineup, from the tiny Swisher Mini Cigarillo, the rugged all tobacco Outlaws, and the yummy Cigarillos Blueberry, and Grape offer the smoker an affordable alternative to spending a fortune on their cigars.


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