Rockin’ Your Zippo Lighter

February 25, 2016

The kind of music that you listen too says a lot about the person that you are, about your values, your tastes, the era you grew up in, and in some cases your religion or political views. They also say that music is the window to the soul, so, when choosing a lighter, why not rock it with a Zippo. Maybe you can’t get no satisfaction with any band other than the Rolling Stones, or want to cause some Anarchy in the U.K.’with your Zippo Sex Pistols lighter. In addition, if Angus and Malcolm Young rock your world, why not show your allegiance and light that top quality cigar with your edgy Zippo AC/DC lighter?

Rising from the slums of Jamaica to serve as a world ambassador for reggae music, all of you Buffalo Soldiers can pay tribute to this legend every time you flick your Zippo Bob Marley lighter. Those around you will be mesmerized as the vivid Rastafarian colors shine against this Street Chrome finish, while Marley’s portrait is spiritually portrayed.

Even if you have been smoking premium stogies since the Reagan administration, it doesn’t mean you have to forget those great bands you loved growing up, so whatever kind of music lights your fire, there’s a Zippo Music lighter to match your mood. And the affordable price, stylish good looks, and that famous lifetime warranty will be music to your ears!



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