Pipe Tobaccos That Are Also Cigars!

November 10, 2015

The famous John Middleton Company is one of only a handful of manufacturers that create the same blends for both pipe smokers as well as cigar enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to pack your own, in fine briar, or just puff away on a readymade stogy, the fine line of Black& Mild tobaccos have you covered.

Middleton Black and Mild Pipe Tobacco is one of the top-selling aromatic blends on the planet. This renowned recipe includes, broad cut Black Cavendish, slow burning Kentucky Burley, and golden Virginia for balance, and smooth flavor. This age-old blend is mild in taste with notes of sweet cocoa, and fragrant vanilla. Never cloying, this smoke actually tastes as good as it smells, making it the perfect all-day smoke.

Middleton’s Black & Mild Pipe-Tobacco Cigars are perfect for those looking for some tasty dessert flavors without a bulky briar sticking out of their kisser. Featuring the same famed name, these tasty machine-made cigars are manufactured right here in the USA with premium pipe tobaccos built into a slim 5 x 30 size. Once again, broad cut Black Cavendish, slow burning Kentucky Burley, and golden Virginia tobaccos create a very fragrant and aromatic smoking experience.

The problem with many flavored pipe tobaccos is the dreaded tongue bite. Although producing a scent reminiscent of a candy store, the harsh leaf makes your tongue raw -Not the case with Cherry Blend!

The folks at Middleton have close to 160 years of experience making aromatic mixtures that taste as good as they smell, and are tongue friendly. This old aromatic blend is a combination of aged Burley and Virginia tobaccos, infused in a lush cherry casing. The tantalizing cherry-pie aroma also doubles as a wonderful room deodorizer.

The popular Middleton’s Black & Mild Cherry Blend Cigar is brimming with the same mouthwatering sweet taste as its famous pipe tobacco cousin. Flavor fanatics will love its slim 5 x 30 size for those occasional impromptu, or pre-planned, stogy breaks. In addition, the warm cherry pie aroma will have those around you drooling!

The culmination of centuries of tobacco expertise has led this prestigious company to bridge the gap between cigar and pipe smoking. Whether your choice smoking delivery system is briar, plastic, wood tip, or both, Middleton has the perfect smoke for you.


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  1. Mike Fowler says:

    I love black and Mild cigars. Only problem is to satisfy my taste buds I have to smoke an entire box. Has there been any thought to making a larger Black and Mild. Something at least the size of the half pipe cigars that I loved. I bought hundreds of those.

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