Padron Family Reserve Part 1

December 3, 2015

Padron is one of the worlds premier premium cigar companies. Their original line is one of the most popular cigars in the nation, while the 1964 and 1926 Anniversary Series have been met with worldwide acclaim and have been established as some of the finest regular production cigars on the market. The Padron Company is run with a passion that many other companies lack. It is still to this day a family owned business, and it is in that tradition of family that makes the company thrive.

In order to celebrate the history and tradition of the family business, Padron released a series of limited run cigars known as the Padron Family Reserve. Each one of these, released once a year, commemorates a special anniversary in the companies’ history. So far there have been 5 releases of the Series, and they are now all available at JR Cigar. Lets take a look at the first 3 releases.

It was in 2008 that Padron released the first Family Reserve and called it the 44 Years. This cigar was created for the 44th Anniversary of the companies’ creation in 1964. It is a beautiful box pressed torpedo. Its Nicaraguan long filler tobacco is aged for 10 years, making it one of the smoothest cigars ever rolled. It is available in either a spicy Natural Sun Grown or a rich, flavorful Maduro. This is a magnificent cigar and one of the true gems of the line.

The Following year, Padron continued the momentum by releasing the 45 Years. It is named, of course for the 45th year of the companies existence. It uses the same 10 year old tobacco as its predecessor and its still available in the either the Natural Sun Grown or Maduro. The difference this year was the regular Toro box press shape as apposed to the torpedo. This release was met with even more critical acclaim, with both the natural and maduro entering Cigar Aficionados Top Cigars of the year, back to back. That’s perfection if I ever saw it, or smoked it.

Is it possible to top such a successful product? Well if you work for Padron, who sure as hell try. In 2010, the company released its 46 Year edition. This cigar was more of a thicker robusto, boasting a size of 5.5 x 56. Its 10 year old long filler is wrapped by your choice of a peppery Sun Grown or dark Maduro wrapper. While this cigar failed to make it to the Top cigars list, many critics, including HalfWheel, consider it to be even better than the 45 year.

There are still two more releases in the Family Reserve line, make sure to keep reading to check them out.


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