Nat Sherman The Rebirth of Class: Part 3

November 6, 2015

With his premium cigar business now booming, Nat Sherman built a new shop to show case his companies wide range of products. He decided to build it in the most luxurious area of New York City, 5th avenue. With neighbors such as the Plaza Hotel and Tiffany & Co. the new flagship store was at the center of New Yorks elegant lifestyle. However, family trouble began to arise and there was a falling out with his son Joel. With a company of such prominence and size, strife within the organization seems like it would be a normal occurrence. Yet this becomes more complicated when it is still a family run business, so Joel departed the tobacco juggernaut.

The store on 5th avenue continued to thrive, as did the Nat Sherman business as a whole. In 1989, the company suffered its biggest tragedy to date, the loss of founder Nat Sherman. After a year of confusion and doubt following the pass of the patriarch, Joel Sherman returned to right the reigns. He made swift changed to the organization and began steering it towards more modern and elite products, as it is today. The Nat Sherman Metropolitan line has had resounding success since its creation and has been rolled for Nat Sherman by the Quesada family for over 20 years

Nat Sherman opened a new location on 42nd street where it is today and is still a bastion for smokers in the New York area. A recent resurge in their products has seem Nat Sherman craft some of their finest cigars in recent memory. Their recent masterpiece, the Nat Sherman Timeless, was ranked in Cigar Aficionados Top 25 cigars of the year, the first time a Nat Sherman was ranked in the publication. The Nat Sherman company was one of the first American based companies to make waves in the premium cigar industry. They last in the Cuban hey day and the fall out after the 1990s boom. They remain here today and are still a model for quality and luxury.


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