Nat Sherman: The Rebirth of Class Part 2

October 1, 2015

As you have seen thus far, the origins of Nat Sherman may rank among the most unique and interesting in the industry. It is now the 1950s, and Sherman has established his first retail space in New York City. It was eventually expanded to be one of the largest tobacco stores in the city. His client base ranked among the most influential people in New York, including actors, politicians, fashion designers, and even some unwanted element.

During this time, the Nat Sherman store became a prominent stop for members of some of the organized crime families of New York City. Its location and notoriety in the city made the Nat Sherman store neutral ground, where several high-ranking Mafioso would meet. Since the store was considered neutral, the members of the families new never to start trouble there, and would often go in for a smoke and have their bodyguards stand outside. It was at this time in the company’s history that Nat Sherman gained their reputation as a popular classy, New York establishment. So with their name already established, they began to create new and interesting products.

In the 1950s, Nat worked together with Florida based Carl Cuesta to develop the first plastic tip cigar. For years, the company was one of the only cigar manufacturers to utilize the mouthpiece, and they were launched to international fame. They also began developing several cigarette-sized cigars, now known collectively as cigarillos. Between their new smaller sized cigars and their new pipe products, Nat Sherman was quickly solidifying himself as a forced to be reckoned with in the industry.


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