Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary

November 10, 2015

If you’ve read my recent “History of Nat Sherman” series, you now understand the colorful and unique past of this American cigar giant. For almost a century, Nat Sherman has represented class, luxury, and the lifestyle that every aficionado dreams of. Their store, the Nat Sherman Townhouse, has become a landmark in New York City, and true destination for all brothers of the leaf. In the past few years, the company has enjoyed a rejuvenation, creating some outstanding blends and getting ranked in the top 25 cigars of the year for the first time. This year, Nat Sherman celebrated its 85th Anniversary by releasing a limited cigar that fits in well with their renaissance.

The Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary is a true beauty. The band resembles that of last years Joel Sherman 75th Anniversary, but it has a secondary band with 85th on it, and also utilizes a much darker leaf. Quesada, one of the most respected Dominican cigar manufacturers of this day and age, rolls it for Nat Sherman. It uses a dark and oily Dominican wrapper, which covers a choice Dominican binder, and aged Nicaraguan long filler tobacco.

The Cigar only comes in one size, a 6 ½ X 54, known as the toro extra. It emits a terrific aroma, with a nice citrus spice from the wrapper. The construction was pristine and the flavor was ever changing. There was notes of coffee, cream, nuts, and a touch of sweetness. The cigar is only available in boxes of 10, and only 2,500 boxes were made. The Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary is a fitting tribute to the families long and illustrious history.


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