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June 22, 2015

Cigar School

Lesson 6: Machine Made Cigars

Machine Made Cigars – Mass Market Cigars

A machine made cigar is basically a bundle of tobacco that is rolled into a tubular shape. This bundle is called the filler. The filler is held together by the binder. The binder and filler are covered by the wrapper. The entire process of making this type of cigar is automated. There are some very good machine-made cigars.

The Low Cost of Machine Made Cigars

Machine made cigars are produced in most cigar-producing countries and are the least expensive. They are offered in cigarette stores, newstands, gas stations, etc. They are usually sold in cellophane wrappers. Most are small to medium in size. Some have a hole in the cap or head of the cigar. Although some machine-made cigars have great taste and draw well, they are not able to offer the complex taste that develops with a quality handmade cigar made with long-leaf filler.

The following are advantages of machine made cigars:

  1. Prefect draw
  2. Uniform appearance & taste


The following are flavors in which some homogenized cigars come in:

  • Cherry
  • Pipe Aroma
  • Vanilla
  • Black Cavendish


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