Lex12 Filtered Cigars: Not Your Ordinary Flavored Stogie!

February 23, 2016

A fairly new line of top-quality little stogies called Lex12 Filtered Cigars are taking the flavored machine-made market by storm. In fact, our customers are raving about them! Made with only the highest quality American-grown tobaccos, these unique smokes are the perfect choice for those seeking to add lotsa yummy spice and sweetness to their smoking experience. A great feature of Lex12 Filtered Cigars is their packaging; each variety comes in their own engraved tin that keeps them factory fresh and ready to smoke. These little stogies are available in the following mouthwatering flavors.

Carnal Ecstacy 100s and Carnal Ecstacy Grab ‘N Go, feature top-quality American tobaccos infused with a mosaic of exotic fruit flavors. Mild, fragrant, and affordable, these are little cigars worth getting excited about, and they definitely deliver the sweet and smooth flavors of premium American tobaccos along with a warm, sugary aroma. Lex 12 Classic Kings Sweet Tip and regular are top-quality filtered little stogies made with American Burley and Virginia tobacco leaf, and a sweet tip for a yummy pipe-tobacco taste and aroma.

The popular Lex12 Menthol Chrome King Cigars come constructed with a diverse blend of the best 100% American tobaccos gently infused with the refreshingly crisp flavor of menthol.

Unlike any other little machine-made stogie, the luxury Lex12 Napa Night 100s are fashioned with the best quality American tobaccos featuring the succulent essence of tangy red wine, a remarkable taste that shines through with every fragrant puff.

Lex 12 Sweet Chaos Grab ‘N Go, and Sweet Chaos King stogies are mild and smooth with a secret blend of fruits and berries, plus a sweet tip to bring compelling and unique flavors to the daring smoker’s palate.

Affordably priced and extraordinarily rich, the whole lineup of luxury Lex12 stogies will give even the most ardent non-aromatic smoker a magnificent taste they won’t soon forget—just read all of the glowing reviews!


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