Cigar Aficionado Top 25 – #11 – #25

January 4, 2016

Today we get to get a look at the remaining 15 cigars that Cigar Aficionado has chosen to honor this year in the Top 25 list. Lets start at #11.

11.) Hammer+Sickle Tradicion Serie Churchill- A bold and beautiful Dominican, this traditional Churchill follows the original size specifications to the t. It boasts an Ecuadorian wrapper around vintage Dominican filler, giving it tastes of nutmeg and sweet earth. This 7 x 48 received a 94 rating.

12.) La Boheme Pittore– It wouldn’t be a Top 25 list with out an entry from Aging Room front man Rafael Nodal. Named after his favorite opera, this medium to full body uses aged Dominican filler, and an oily Ecuadorian wrapper. With tastes of earth, spice, and ripe fruit, its no wonder this smoke was placed so high. This 5 1/8 X 52 received a 94 rating.

13.) Laranja Reserva Toro– Congratulations to my dear friend Erik Espinosa. This cigar was one of the talks of the town this year. Its delicious Brazilian wrapper and choice Nicaraguan filler make it rich, sweet, and zesty, with a notable citrus taste at the end. This 6 X 52 received a 94 rating.

14. ) Trinidad Vigia- The Cuban Trinidad was so renowned, that it used to only be available to foreign politicians and royalty. Now it is available to the public, and for good reason. It is rich and smoky, with wonderful notes of truffle and oak, followed by a subtle nutty finish. This 4 3/8 X 54 received a 94 rating.

15.) Alec Bradley Santcum Toro– The Sanctum took Alec Bradley away from its usual earthy, robust cigars to a more well rounded profile. It is a very complex smoke using tobaccos 4 different countries. It is exceptionally smooth and has a hint of vanilla and almonds on the palate. This 6 X 52 received a 93 rating.

16.) Avo Syncro Nicaragua Toro– After the initial rebranding of Avo, the company embarked on creating a totally different smoke to join its established line up. The Syncro is the first Avo to use Nicaraguan tobacco and the first to be rolled into a box press. Its combination of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers make it smooth, well balanced, and sweet. This 6 x 54 received a 93 rating.

17.) LA MISSION DU L’ATELIER 1959– Everyone knows that Pete Johnson is a wine fanatic. He has now established a brand named after one of the world’s finest vineyards and each size depicting a different years vintage. This Mexican wrapped Nicaraguan smoke is leathery and sweet with a hint of a spicy aftertaste. The 4/34 X 52 received a 93 rating.

18.) Heritage By Dunhill Robusto– Don’t be fooled by this cigars vintage label, its blend is modern and delicious. This successor to the Cuban Dunhill uses an Ecuadorian wrapper, followed by flavorful yet smooth long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras. Its rich and meaty, with a wonderful blend of spices. This 5 X 50 received a 93 rating.

19.) The King is Dead The Last Pay Day- Robert Caldwell is one of the most innovative blenders in the industry, and this cigar is a perfect example why. It is rolled with extremely rare Dominican tobaccos that come together to form one hell of a smoke. It has a touch of sweetness with a tad of earthy richness as well. This 6 X 52 received a 93 rating.

20.) Espada By Montecristo Quillon– Altadis USA has been lighting up the charts in recent years, and this rich Nicaraguan is no exception. It uses vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos and was blended by industry legend Nestor Placencia and the Grupo de Maestro. It has a sweet spice, with notes of cinnamon, ginger, and leather. This 7 X 56 received a 92 rating.

21.) Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua 652T- The legendary Nat Sherman strikes again. This is the 2nd time the Timeless has been ranked, but the first for this Nicaraguan version. It is a bold box pressed torpedo with hints of chocolate, molasses and oak. This 6 X 52 received a 92 rating.

22.) Padilla Miami 8&11 Torpedo- Rolled right on the corner of 8th and 11th in Little Havana Miami, Ernesto Padilla has created yet another masterpiece. The elegant and flavorful smoke uses a bold Ecuadorian wrapper and binder, followed by his signature Nicaraguan long filler. Its well rounded flavor profile consists of cocoa, fruit and oak. This 6 ½ X 54 received a 92 rating.

23.) Nub Cameroon 358- After nabbing the top spot last year, Oliva is back, albeit with something quite different. This short and stubby beauty boasts a toothy and flavorful Cameroon wrapper. The Nicaraguan long filler add in a nice spice, while the wrapper gives off notes of nuts and earth. This 3 3/8 X 58 received a 92 rating.

24.) La Flor Dominicana Coronado Corona Especial- When this line was initially released in 2006, it was received very well by critics, even making the Top 25 list. This year, Litto Gomez brought it back to full production with a new face, a new name, but the same great blend. It is a Nicaraguan wrapped Dominican beauty, with notes of spice, graham cracker and nutmeg. This 5 7/8 X 47 received a 92 rating.

25.) Sublimes Robusto Extra- Although these limited cigars are rolled in the A.J. Fernandez factory they are still treated as a small boutique brand. This robusto is made up of tobaccos from 3 different nations, making it exceptionally complex and flavorful. It has notes of earth, a tad of a spice and a dash of toffee on the back end. This 5 ¼ X 52 received a 92 rating.


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