Black and Mild- An Affordable Fast Smoke

November 9, 2015

For those occasions when you just don’t have the time for a full-sized smoke, nothing beats a little cigar. You can easily find small sticks from premium brands like Montecristo, Don Diego, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba , and a whole slew of others, that offer that quick dose of high quality tobacco flavor.

Those who smoke frequently, or are on a budget, may find that the price of these little premiums can really start to add up, so for frugal smokers looking for great flavor, affordable price, and a wide variety of blends, nothing beats the renowned Black and Mild Cigars.

Black and Mild Cigars are made by famous pipe tobacco manufacturer John Middleton in Pennsylvania. John Middleton has been making fine pipe tobaccos for well over 150 years, with Black and Mild Cigars first making an appearance on the market in the 1960s. Since then, the unique pipe tobacco flavor of Black and Mild Cigars have made them one of the most popular machine-made brands around.

While Cavendish and Virginia pipe tobaccos lie at the core of each Black and Mild cigar, the wrappers found on Black and Mild Cigars are also quite interesting. Rather than using paper like for cigarettes or expensive whole tobacco leaves like those found on top-shelf premium cigars, Black and Mild uses a homogenized tobacco leaf. This is essentially a fusion of the two – paper made entirely with tobacco.

For a more natural tobacco taste, with just a hint of sweetness, the original Black & Mild blend, as well as the even mellower Gold & Mild are a couple of good choices.

For more exotic flavours on that short stogy break, the people at John Middleton have released many flavoured Black & Mild cigars including Wine, Apple, Cherry, and Cream flavors are sure to liven your palate, as well as please those around you with their wafting sweet aromas.

Lastly, with the money saved on buying Black and Mild, you can stock up on your favorite handmade’s and still enjoy a tasty smoke when you don’t have time to kick back and relax.


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