Best Holiday Cigar Ideas

November 10, 2015

Every holiday occasion is better when someone chooses to buy cigars for that special smoker in their life, whether it be a coworker, a spouse, or a good friend. A stogie can make a great gift, but not just any cigar will do when trying to make a good impression. Too often mom just walks into a cigar store and grabs the first cheap rope she can get her hands on, resulting in a very sad Christmas morning for dad. Please folks, do your homework, relaxing with a good smoke is a lifestyle we all cherish, and we take it very seriously. With that said, I will show you how to make the tobacco buying process, easy, painless and within the confines of your budget.

If the recipient is a close relative, it is usually easy to find out what they normally smoke by simply looking at the box or asking someone nearby to do the detective work for you. If said person is a boss, employee, or other acquaintance, asking subtle questions without blowing your cover will offer useful clues to their personal preference. Something like “what is that you’re smoking, it smells good” will often have you hitting the jackpot. Take note of the wrapper color too, if its dark brown you will buy him maduro, if it’s light brown in color you will buy him natural, or EMS, depending on what the manufacturer calls it. Size and ring gauge is a little tricky, but if you catch him at the beginning of the smoke, your odds increase greatly. The best part is that most smokers will enjoy a similar size and length, as long as it is somewhere in the ballpark of his ideal dimensions.

The next challenge for the buy-ee is whether to purchase a box or a bunch of singles. A box of stogies (if it’s in your budget) would be the ideal gift to keep the smoker content for a long time. However, some of the super- premium cigars come with a hefty price tag. Let’s say for example, Uncle Harry has terrific taste and smokes the fabulous Avo Classic No. 2, rather than spending a large portion of holiday cash on a box, you can present him with a very classy 5-pack. I guarantee that when he receives five of his favorite Dominican cigars, he will be elated. In addition, with the money saved, you can toss in a nice cigar lighter or cutter to show how him how much you care.

Variety is the spice of life, so a top-quality Cigar Samplers will give that special someone several great smokes to sample and enjoy. These really come in handy when you cannot pinpoint exactly what he smokes, or if he has, many go-to brands. Our samplers come in many variations, countries of origins, shapes, sizes, strengths, and wrapper colors, some even have all of the above in one diverse pack, like our Executive Decision Sampler, Mixed Nuts 4 Sampler, or our Rare-O’s Robusto Surprise Sampler, to name a few.. We carry samplers that accommodate every taste, style, strength, and budget.

What about buying for the occasional smoker, or the machine made smoker- you ask. Well that’s easy; we carry just about every domestic stick on the planet. With famous brands like Antonio y Cleopatra, Dutch Masters, Garcia y VegaPhillies, White Owl, and Swisher Sweets, all coming in assorted packs, special offers, and boxes, your choices are plenty!

If you choose, you can easily upgrade the machine made smoker to an all tobacco handmade cigar for just a few bucks more when you present them with a nice bundle of our mild JR Tradicion Dominicana, or our timeless classic, the Special Jamaicans. All of these smokes are close to, or as good as cigars costing twice the price. We love to prove that you CAN get more than you pay for!

Those looking for the perfect gift for that distinguished pipe smoker in their lives have come to the right place, our extensive line of top-quality Pipes & Accessories and Pipe-Tobaccos rival any shop in the country. Along with a gazillion tobacco blends our selection of pipes include the very best brands at the very best prices. Highly collectable briars from James Norman and Rossi offer you a choice of modern and classic shapes and styles suitable for every pipe smokers preference.

Deciding to buy cigars, accessories, pipes, and pipe tobaccos as a gift is a very caring choice, and to make your holiday shopping easy, we have everything you need – and more! Visit us online today, and avoid sitting in traffic this hectic holiday season.


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