Ashton Maduro

November 10, 2015

Cigar wrappers, as all connoisseurs know, come in different shades and colors, each one giving off different aromas and flavors. While these wrappers vary in flavor, many of them retain very similar looks. Shading may be slightly different but in general they are light to medium brown in color. This is where the maduro wrapper stands alone. It is fermented very differently and ends up with a dark color and a rich, sweet flavor. While almost every brand of cigars has utilized the maduro wrapper in some form or another, it is the Ashton maduro, in my opinion, that has truly perfected it.

As many cigar aficionados know, the Fuente family has rolled the main Ashton line for many years. Through years of innovation, the Fuentes have crafted a fine maduro wrapper. Utilizing the Connecticut broadleaf, this maduro wrapper is nearly black. Unlike other maduro wrappers, there is no artificial coloring added. There is a slight crystal glaze on the leaf, showing how the sugars really worked during the fermenting process. It is very rich and sweet. It boasts wonderful notes of cappuccino, dark coffee, and a bold sweetness. This leaf covers vintage Dominican long filler tobacco, making it mild and smooth.

There are many great maduro cigars on the market, each providing different flavors and strengths. However, if you want to try a true maduro, a maduro that should be the base for all others to be compared to, the Ashton is the one to choose. The Ashton maduro is a true masterpiece, a work of art. It is the ideal representation of this unique and bold wrapper. Whenever your ready to taste a top of the line rich cigar, the Ashton maduro is right here waiting for you.


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