Arturo Fuente God of Fire Series

December 3, 2015

Since the inception of the Opus X in the 1990s, Arturo Fuente has become global player in the premium cigar market. They have a full range of product, for every palate and price range. In recent years, however, they have begun developing more and more limited editions and special releases. Each one of these rare Fuentes are highly sought after, and some fetch prices well above most premium cigars. They have become so adept at creating this limited products, that they began working with other companies in the industry and even starting a friendly inter company rivalry.

With the help of Prometheus, a high-end lighter company, Carlos and Carlito Fuente developed a new limited series that competes against itself. Enter the God of Fire Series, super high end premium cigars, with father and son each creating a different line.

First, let us see what the son has learned. The God of Fire by Carlito is a medium bodied masterpiece. It uses aged Dominican long filler tobaccos, which make it exceptionally smooth, which is then covered by a toothy Cameroon wrapper. Carlito decided to go more traditional in his attempt, and the result is a delicious work of art.

In order to show that Father knows best, Don Carlos decided to make his blend a tad more unique. The God of Fire by Don Carlos still uses the same vintage Dominican long filler tobacco, but now is wrapped with a zesty Ecuadorian Habano leaf. It ha bursts of pepper and spice, with a slight hint of citrus at the end.

With the success of these limited releases, two more God of Fire series were crafted and released to the public. The first of these, and my personal favorite, is the God of Fire Serie B. Unlike its predecessors, the Serie B takes the strength up a notch. Its choice Dominican filler and binder is wrapped tightly underneath a dark, Ecuadorian Sun grown wrapper. It is a great combination of rich and spicy, with hints of pepper, espresso, and dark cocoa.

Lastly, we have the God of Fire that was made in honor of the, well other Gods of Fire. The God of Fire Serie Aniversario was first released in 2014, recognizing 10 years of the God of Fire line. Don Carlos picked the filler and binder personally, using the best aged Dominican tobaccos available. An smooth, silky Ecuadorian wrapper is then added, giving this magnificent smoke a hint of nuts and a natural sweetness.

The God of Fire is one of the most sought after cigars in the world. It is rare that you will find this cigar on the shelf of your local smoke shop. Well now there is no need to worry. All of these top of the line, limited cigars are now available at JR Cigar.


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