An Introduction To Backwoods Cigars

November 9, 2015

Known worldwide for their outstanding line of premium cigars, Altadis USA is also a driving force in the machine made industry. Some of the most beloved age-old domestic smokes such as Antonio y Cleopatra, Dutch Masters, El Producto, Hav-A-Tampa, Muriel, Phillies and others, have been satisfying smokers for centuries.

All of these legendary cigars are produced in the company’s huge factory in Puerto Rico. One brand not mentioned earlier is the Backwoods. These rustic looking, masculine smokes sell like hotcakes. What makes them standout is the fact that their unique shape is created by proprietary machinery that is only used for this very popular brand. It’s an intricate and timely process that goes into creating these sticks, but obviously the effort is well worth it, because you get a perfectly rolled cigar every time, along with consistent flavor.

Introduced nationally in 1981, Backwoods became and overnight success. Their classic unbound, rough-looking tapered rope design with a frayed end, and unfinished head, had great novelty appeal to cigar smokers. Especially during an era where the Clint Eastwood styled cigars were becoming the fad.

Smokers identified the cigar’s image with the stubble-faced cowboy from America’s Wild West riding into town on his horse while chomping on a crude hand rolled stogy. Their distinctive style, taste, aroma, and cool looking airtight package, has made Backwoods the number one selling all natural cigar on the planet.


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