Acid Route 10

November 10, 2015

Drew Estate is with out a doubt one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in the world. It has become an endearing fan favorite and has experimented with some pretty crazy tobacco blends, like fire cured, but has made them enormous successes. Although it wasn’t their first cigar line, the Acid line was one of the catalysts for making this company the empire it is. They were one of the first companies that successfully marketed infused cigars to the general cigar-smoking world. The Acid isn’t your normally everyday sweet infused smoke. It has a more floral tone to it. It also has an urban artistic look and feel, thanks to the art work of Scott “Acid” Chester. Now, Drew Estate has joined with us at JR Cigar and created our very own Acid, the Acid Route 10.

As with any Acid, the blend is kept very secret. It is a beefy, thick robusto with a little pig tail. The Route 10 is one of the thicker Acids, which makes it a more unique find. It has a great sweetness, remarkable construction, rich aroma and a nice even burn. It is a fantastic tribute to both the Acid line and to JR Cigar.

The Acid line remains as popular as ever. With famed beauties such as the Toast, Blondie, and Kuba Kuba, Acid has achieved a top reputation in its short and rich history. The Acid Route 10 makes a perfect addition to this line, and has become quite popular among the die hard Acid fans. If your looking to try a new age, modern infused smoke, go right now to our website and hop on the new and exclusive Acid Route 10.


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