A New Breed Of Romeo y Julieta Cigars

October 1, 2015

A new day has arrived, a day a lot of cigar smokers have been waiting for, the day of a new breed of Romeo y Julieta cigars. For years there was a clear distinction between the different cigar strengths. Mild cigars were light, creamy, and smooth, but traditionally lacked a lot of flavor. Evident by their name, full-bodied cigars were sometimes exceedingly strong, and contain copious amounts of flavor. The medium-bodied cigars were always the preferred go-between smokes, containing the flavor aspects of a full-bodied cigar, with the smooth taste and feel of a mild cigar. Yet, there were still smokers who wanted something different. A mild premium cigar, that wouldn’t make you sweat, but had a more flavorful profile.

Altadis U.S.A has finally created such a cigar – a line that is mild in strength and feel yet has a dramatically increased amount of flavor. The Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed cigar is, in my opinion, the first in a new breed of mild cigars. It still maintains a lower nicotine level, so there is no intense feel like smoking a stronger blend. Yet the tobacco it uses it is able to keep it flavorful, keep it interesting to the smoker.

The Star Crossed uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, giving it a light rich spice, but otherwise maintaining the creamy like profile of a mild Connecticut. The binder is an aged Nicaraguan so its quite smooth but with a interesting kick on the back end. The filler is made up of choice aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler tobacco. The cigar takes the best aspects of both these regions. Its light, smooth and nutty from the Dominican tobacco, but is rich and slightly peppery from the Nicaraguan.

Cigar smokers no longer have to decide between light and flavorful. Romeo y Julieta has made the choice quite easy for you. If you are looking for a cigar that’s is light in strength but flavorful in profile, the Romeo y Julieta Star Crossed is your #1 choice.


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