Tips for driving with a cigar

August 19, 2022

Driving and smoking are two of life’s most simple yet enjoyable activities, so it makes sense to want to do both simultaneously. Smoking in your car while driving down long open roads and listening to your favorite album is a sure-fire way to re-set your mind and get you in a good mood.

Of course, no matter how much you love your cigars, you probably won’t love the smell lingering in your vehicle or the ash dusting the floor.

Let’s take a look at ways you can enjoy a stogie behind the wheel while keeping your car fresh.

Can you smoke in a car?

The short answer is yes, you can smoke in a car. So long as your windows are open to release the smoke for clear vision and providing smoking doesn’t distract you from driving, it’s fine.

Some states don’t allow drivers to smoke while driving if you have kids with you, but, otherwise, you’re good to light up.

Smoking a cigar in a car

If you’re smoking a cigarette or a cigarillo, it’s as easy as lighting with your usual lighter. A cigar, however, needs a little more preparation. Plan ahead by cutting your chosen stick in advance and consider lighting it with a torch lighter before you turn on the engine.

It would help if you also considered how to ash the cigar, as simply flicking it out of the window isn’t the done thing. Some car models will have built-in ashtrays either in the car door or below the dashboard.

However, while these ashtrays can be useful for ashing your cigar, they’re not particularly good at trapping the scent, especially if you need to stub out your cigar when it’s finished.

Avoid your car being overwhelmed by the lingering staleness of cigar smoke by investing in a car ashtray with a lid. Pop one of these into your car’s cup holder and you can safely ash the cigar without making any sort of mess and have a place to rest your cigar when you need both hands.

Made of stainless steel, the ashtray vacuum-packs the smell of the ash and cigar stub within to avoid the scent clinging to the fabric of the car. Simply take the cup out and throw away the remnants of the cigar when you next pull over by a trash can.

The best way to enjoy smoking in your car without suffering the lingering scent of the cigar is to keep the vehicle well ventilated.

Adjust your AC unit to a setting that pulls air in from outside the car and keeps the window open. This will release the smoke and, for the most part, banish the bulk of the odor before it can set into the vehicle.

Of course, smoke clings – to everything. It can be an enjoyable scent as you’re smoking a cigar,  but the residual odor isn’t as pleasant.

Once you’ve finished your smoke, ensure you get rid of anything that could trap the smell. Empty your ashtray in a suitable place, thoroughly wash it out, and throw away snipped cigar tips.

You can also use fabric sprays to swap the smell of cigars for something fresh and fragrant. Things like Febreze and Ozium are great, as they work into the fabric of your car seats the really tackle the embedded odor.

Layer a healthy spray all over the seats and carpeted floors, and any passengers you have won’t even notice you’ve had a smoke on the road. For that extra touch, get a scented vent clip to attach to your AC. The smell will blast through the car the next time you turn it on.

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One response to “Tips for driving with a cigar”

  1. Joe Arp says:

    My 2012 Ford Focus had cigars smoked in it until I gave it to my daughter in 2020. She wanted the interior cleaned to get rid of the cigar odor.

    The only good way to get rid of car interior smells is an ozone generator machine. Put the machine in the car with the windows rolled up. Start the machine and it creates ozone from oxygen in the air. The ozone deodorizes the whole interior including fabrics. After an hour turn off the generator and open the car up. Ozone smell clears and odors are gone.

    Small ozone generator is $80 and reusable for multiple uses. No cigar smell in my Focus.

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