How to Store Cigars

November 5, 2018

When you discover the perfect cigar deals online, it evokes a sense of excitement and anticipation. While you wait for your cigars to arrive, you most likely envision the sensory experience associated with that first relaxing cigar indulgence. The fragrant wrapper as you hold the cigar between your fingers, and how you will first cut the cigar. You light the tip and sit back for some well-deserved relaxation.

Having the convenient option to buy cigars online alleviates much of the research and shopping involved with finding the ideal cigars for your preferences. However, once you find that particular match for your palate, ensuring they are stored correctly is key to maintaining their flavor. Since the leaves of cigars are fragile, it is imperative they are kept in the correct temperature conditions to preserve utmost freshness. It is recommended you use a cigar humidor to store your cigars between 65% to 70% humidity.

A good quality humidor will assist you with creating an airtight seal to extend the life of your cigars. Whether you choose a rare wooden design by Elie Bleu or Prestige, a modern metal look by Visol, or a luxurious style by Lamborghini, it is important your cigars are stored properly. Establishing an adequate balance of moisture in your cigars will assure they have a firm consistency with just the right amount of resilience when touched. Rather than a dry, unpleasant feel and a dull aroma.

You may consider going the extra mile by adding a Boveda pack to your humidor to provide an environment with the quintessential relative humidity levels. Boveda packs are also helpful for absorbing any excess humidity that may have occurred when seasoning your humidor. Obtaining the appropriate cigar accessories to accompany your premium cigars is a worthwhile investment.

The process of cigar enjoyment is like an art form which is enhanced when you are equipped with the highest caliber tools. The journey begins with the finest cigars precisely cut by effective cigar cutters and easily lit by sophisticated cigar lighters with powerful flames. Your pleasure is heightened when you conserve the superiority of your cigars with humidors designed to protect that value. When you buy cigars online, be certain to include the fundamental storage components that will prolong their peak freshness.


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