How to Put Out a Cigar

November 9, 2018

How to Put Out a Cigar

Ending your cigar experience correctly is essential to practicing proper cigar etiquette, and it starts with knowing how to put out a cigar. Understanding how to put a cigar out properly is just as important as it is knowing how to light one or select the right flavor. Here’s how to get it done:

1. Have an Ashtray Available

Make sure you have an ashtray available even before you’re ready to put out your cigar. It’s important as soon as you begin smoking, because as the cigar burns, ash will begin to fall off the end.

Cigar ashtrays are useful for extinguishing cigars because they collect the cigar’s ashes appropriately. These containers are essential for putting out a cigar in a natural way.

There are several types of ashtrays to choose from, including ashtrays made of stone or ceramic.

So, it’s best to select a cigar ashtray that works for your needs. When you’re choosing an ashtray, make sure you pick one that holds your cigar properly.

For example, you can get an ashtray that has four grooves to hold your cigar so you can lay it flat, such as the JR Glass logo ashtray. The ashtray you select should also be deep enough to collect the ashes from your cigar easily.

2. Avoid Stubbing

When you stub a cigar, you can cause a foul, stale odor that can easily permeate the surrounding area. This odor can linger in the room and make it unpleasant for not only you but everyone around you. This stale odor is the result of the filler gathering all sorts of oils. So, when you stub a cigar, you’re helping to release all the oils that produce that unpleasant smell. You don’t want to treat a cigar like it’s a cigarette by smashing it into your ashtray, either. Instead, it’s best to avoid stubbing your cigar altogether to keep this stale smell at bay.

3. Let It Go Naturally

The best way to put out a cigar is to let its flame extinguish naturally while it rests on your ashtray. This ensures you avoid unpleasant odors. When you let the cigar go out on its own, you’re also practicing proper cigar etiquette. This is critical to demonstrate, especially if you’re smoking a cigar during a business deal. Remember to always have fire safety in mind and never leave a lit cigar unattended.

Final Thoughts

Concluding the cigar experience requires knowing how to put out a cigar properly. But if you want to put out a cigar correctly, you have to make sure you’re prepared with the right materials and technique. By following these steps, you’ll be able to extinguish your cigar like a professional.


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