Cigar Humidors Reviewed

January 6, 2021

Choosing a new humidor can be difficult, especially when there are so many options on the market.

A cigar humidor is a vital accessory to any cigar smoking beginner or an aficionado.  Here, at JR Cigars, we have a wide variety of the best high-end cigar humidors available, some of the best humidors in the world. When you browse our selection of premium humidors, they may appear to cost a fortune, but they are affordable in reality.

Keep reading to discover why you should invest in a cigar humidor and which high-end humidors you can purchase for an affordable price.

Why invest in a cigar humidor?

For any level of cigar smoker, it is crucial to store your cigars correctly to experience the smoke to its full potential.

When first buying a cigar, it can stay fresh for a short amount of time in their factory packaging. However, as time progresses (days to a week) and your cigars will need a humidity-controlled environment to be stored in.

Having a humidor makes the storage process easy and allows you to monitor the temperature to check on your cigars as often as you’d like.

How do I season and set up my humidor?

Setting up and seasoning a humidor is a process that has many steps. However, if done right, your cigars will be fresh, and you’ll have the best smoking experience possible.

Once you have found the perfect humidor and are ready to set it up, follow our easy guide on how to season your humidor.

Which high-end cigar humidors are available for an affordable price?

Here at JR Cigars, we have a huge selection of high-end humidors available. Although you may think that high-end humidors will be too expensive, we have premium options available that won’t break the bank.

Take a look below at some of the best humidors for your cigars which are available at an affordable price.

Prestige Rockefeller Cigar Humidor

Firstly, the Prestige Rockefeller Cigar Humidor looks as rich as its name would imply. The humidor boasts a contemporary Italian design that adds a touch of elegance to the home or office.

The humidor features a rich black mahogany wood finish that contrasts strikingly against its silver accents. There is a chrome-plated pull, and internal locking hinges on the Prestige coupled with matching silver polished humidifiers and a chrome-plated external glass hygrometer.

This superb humidor is fully lined with the best kiln-dried Spanish cedar, includes an adjustable divider, and holds up to 100 of your favorite premium pleasures. The Prestige Rockefeller Cigar Humidor has an entirely distinctive look and is one of the best humidors available for the money.

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Currency Ebony Cigar Humidors

The Currency Ebony Cigar Humidors are simple and stunning storage devices that are featured in two styles. Both styles boast a high-lacquer ebony wood finish with your choice of either contrasting yellow or green wood inlays.

The yellow model has a 50-count and 175-count capacity, and the green stores up to 25. The interior lining on both models consists of premium Spanish cedar with airflow grates to help your humidification reach its maximum potential by surrounding every cigar.

The Currency Ebony comes equipped with top-quality humidification and hygrometer in the package. This means you won’t have to spend needless time buying these vital accessories.

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New York Cigar Humidor

Paying homage to the “Big Apple” with its eye-catching design, the New York Cigar Humidor is a beautiful way to store and age up to 150 of your beloved premium cigars.

The humidor features a high-lacquer finish surrounding a stunning hand-designed inlay. Inside the New York Cigar Humidor, you’ll find the best kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior along with a premium humidification system and hygrometer.

The visually stunning elements of this humidor and its sleek design will add style and sophistication to any décor.

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Ashton Pearwood Small Humidor

Manufactured in Italy, by the same folks that bring you some of the world’s finest ultra-premium cigars, the Ashton Pearwood Small Humidor is a real beauty.

This humidor boasts a high gloss finish, light citrus hue, and clean contemporary styling. The combination of a perfectly aged kiln-fried Spanish cedar interior, top-quality humidification unit, and an impressive hygrometer is a stylish and dependable way to store your cigars.

The humidor can store up to 25 of your favorite premium cigars but is also available in a larger size which has the capacity of 100 cigars.

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Esplanade Cigar Humidor

Dressed to impress the most discerning aficionados, the Esplanade Cigar Humidor is adorned in a rare Mapa Burl grain finish with a beveled glass top, which makes a stunning display anywhere in your home.

The humidor is lined with the best fully aged kiln-dried Spanish cedar. Not only does this 30-count masterpiece feature a second level tray and divider, but it also has a powerful cigar humidifier and an external hygrometer that allows you to check humidity levels without opening the top lid.

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Old-World Cigar Humidor

Providing room for up to 25 of your favorite premium cigars, the gorgeous Old-World Cigar Humidor features a high-quality walnut finished decorated with an old-world map veneer.

The humidor has Spanish cedar-lined with a felt bottom and includes a humidifier, gold-toned glass analog hygrometer, and a cedar tray with a divider.

SureSeal® technology ensures that the lid closes properly each time to protect and keep your smokes fresh. An elegant addition to any home, office, or cigar den décor, this affordable cigar humidor only looks expensive.

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San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor

Finally, we have a humidor that is perfect for larger collections. The tropical-themed San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor will keep up to 200 of your favorite premium cigars perfectly fresh while looking simply stunning in any smoking environment.

The San Tropez features SureSeal® technology, a tray with divider, two bottom dividers, lock & key, a powerful humidifier, and an accurate glass hygrometer.

Additionally, it incorporates the finest kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining to enhance the flavors of your cigar while promoting further aging. The heirloom-worthy San Tropez Cherry Cigar Humidor is a masterpiece of design and functionality that you’ll be proud to own and display.

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