Cigar Etiquette: Dipping Your Cigar in Alcohol

July 1, 2022

Many aficionados agree that pairing premium cigars with alcoholic beverages, such as cognac, single malt whiskey, beer, bourbon, rum, and port, is an experience that opens a whole new world of flavors.

It’s a natural assumption that alcohol and cigars taste so delicious on their own, how can you go wrong dipping the cigar in alcohol? The answer is simple — don’t do it!

Why do you ask?

Because premium cigars are expertly rolled to be firm in the hand, yet soft enough to allow the long-filler tobaccos to provide a perfect unobstructed draw. By dipping your cigar in alcohol, it’s too easy to saturate the head of your cigar and plug the draw or cause your cigar to become mushy in your mouth.

Although nothing compares to dunking a donut in a cold glass of milk, dipping your cigar in any alcoholic beverage is the equivalent of pouring ketchup over a fine filet mignon.

Some smokers still argue that dipping a cigar in alcohol enhances the taste, so if it works for them, who are we to judge?

However, many cigar enthusiasts have learned that dipping cigars in alcohol offer less than favorable results, with the worst-case scenario being a cigar that becomes totally un-smokeable.

When pairing premium cigars with alcohol, we highly suggest that you let the flavors of both the cigar and the beverage speak for themselves with no needless dipping required!

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