How to Cut a Cigar without a Cutter

November 9, 2018

When it comes to cigars, you probably think about premium cigar brands and humidors, and where to buy cigars online. What you sometimes may forget to buy are the other important cigar accessories like cigar lighters and cigar cutters. There are some great cigar cutters out there like the Xikar XI2 or Colibri V-cut. But you often don’t think of alternatives to cigar cutters until you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have one nearby and there’s no one around to offer one.

While definitely not the most sophisticated option, some smokers opt to use their teeth in lieu of a cigar cutter to cut the tip from the cigar.

You can also use your fingernail to tear things open as well if used properly. In the case of cutting the tip off the end of the cigar, you can either pick it off, which could take time, or pinch the end of the cigar and twist or tear it off.

A smaller knife would be preferable to the larger knives as they would be easier to use and take up less space. You can either chop through the tip of the cigar or create a small slice and remove the rest with your fingers.

With pliers, you can grasp one end of the cigar firmly, while using the pliers to hold the tip of the cigar you wish to move. once the pliers are in place, simply turn the cigar repeatedly until the unwanted tip of the cigar is pinched off and is now securely held in the jaws of the pliers.

When in doubt, we always suggest browsing your favorite cigar shop online for the perfect cutter to fit your needs.


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