Pairing Swisher Sweets

November 7, 2015

Where is it written in stone that when pairing cigars with alcohol, it actually has to be a premium cigar, or for that matter- Alcohol? Let’s take an unconventional look at the art of pairing America’s number 1 selling machine made brand- Swisher, with some great stuff you can find in your refrigerator, coffee canister, or cookie jar. Heck, it may seem stupid to some, but at least it’s never been done- or maybe it has? Anyway, let’s give it a shot.

When pressed for time, and you just have a few precious moments to get a good stogy fix, we highly recommend the Swisher Mini Cigarillo. Nothing hits the spot more than this little flavorsome, 4 x 30 gem paired with a cup of your favorite Quickie-Mart fresh brewed coffee. Time permitting, several extra sugars, and a glazed donut will really enhance the experience.

The enormously popular Swisher Sweets Perfecto is a mild and sweet smoke blended with a secret combination of quality tobaccos. An ice-cold glass of Root Beer soda and a Twinkie will highlight the sugary components of the well-loved mystery leaf that lies within. If by chance you happen to be Kosher, you can substitute the Twinkie with a prune rugelach, and expect the same results.

You are a real bad ass with facial stubble and a Cowboy hat. Too bad you live in Brooklyn! Nevertheless, you won’t go anywhere without a Swisher Outlaws sticking out of your mouth. Not only does it complete the look, but you also love the earthy all tobacco Honduran flavor. With that in mind, its time head out to your favorite watering hole-the gas station convenience store. Now order a shot of 5 hour Energy, gulp it down fast, slam the empty on the counter, and tell the clerk to “keep em’ coming”, and this rugged little stick will get better with every puff!


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