Story Behind Davidoff Small Batch Cigars

September 18, 2020

What is Davidoff Small Batch Cigars?

Legendary founder Zino Davidoff was a visionary of cigars who was way ahead of his time. When he broke away from Cuba and moved to the Dominican Republic in 1991, Davidoff really took off. Zino wasn’t the lone successor that made Davidoff what it’s become today. Before passing away in 1994, Zino appointed Henke Kelner as a master blender of all products under the Davidoff name. To say Henke Kelner is a family-oriented man is an understatement. At one point in time, Henke has hired all six of his children to work at Davidoff.

One of his children who’s really taken the bull by the horns is his fourth child Klaas Kelner. Ever since Klaas could remember he was always following his father around the tobacco fields. In 2014, Klaas graduated college and came back home in the Dominican Republic to work for Davidoff full time. Klaas is now the Senior Brand Ambassador where he conducts seminars and training. You could find out more about Klaas Kelner in our Virtual Herf interview we conducted with him back in April.

Fast forward to 2020, where Klaas is taking the lead of production for Davidoff’s release of their “Small Batch Series”. This Series by Davidoff Cigars consisted of nine different variations. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 16 are different small-batch products that range in tobacco strength from mellow to medium, and to full-bodied. Most of these Small Batch products are similar in smokes that are similar in price, but not in quantity. The Davidoff Small Batch we will be covering today is the Number 3 Small Batch

Only 3,500 packages of the Davidoff Small Batch Number Three Cigar were produced for this limited. On the packaging of the Davidoff Small Batch Series, it indicates which package number you have out of the limited packs that were created. One of the neat features of this Davidoff Small Batch is the blend description is on the front of the packaging as well.

The blend of that makes up this 5 ½ x 50 Robusto Davidoff Small Batch is cloaked in a Golden Ecuadorian wrapper, with a binder from Mexico, and four different tobaccos that all hail from the Dominican Republic. Flavor notes you’ll experience while smoking the Davidoff Small Batch are cedar, cream, spice, and nuts.

Something to also keep your eye on is the initials on the package. Each initial signifies who rolled all the cigars for the specific package you have. Henke and Klaas Kelner believe having the signature on each package make sit a little more intimate for the consumer. These Small Batch products from Davidoff Cigars are extremely private and personal projects that is near and dear to the Kelner family’s heart.

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