The Ultimate Guide for Cigar Smoking Golfers

April 22, 2022

Fewer activities go together better than a few rounds of golf with a premium cigar. Being outside in sunny weather, palling around with your friends, and enjoying a good smoke, it is hard to think of a better way to spend a weekend morning. However, if you are unfamiliar with the unspoken rules and etiquette that surround the practices of golf and cigars, it can be a little overwhelming to get started.

That is why we are going to tell you everything you need to know to become a top-notch and considerate cigar-smoking golfer. If you are curious about the cigar etiquette on the course, selecting the right cigars for the occasion, making sure you have all the tools you need or have general questions about being respectful while you play, we got you covered!

Whether you have never before stepped foot on a golf course or have a tee time scheduled for every weekend, there is bound to be something for you to learn in this article. So let us spark up, tee off, and drive into this comprehensive guide for cigar-smoking golfers!

Why become an elite cigar smoking golfer?

Golf courses are one of the few remaining public places where enjoying a fine handmade cigar is still acceptable. Aside from cigar lounges, it is hard to think of other public places where cigar smoking is allowed. Why not take advantage, and learn a new skill in the process?

Both golf and cigars also have a perception of being high-class activities and serve almost as a symbol of status. The luxury of the clubhouse and the finely manicured landscape along with the satisfying feeling of hitting a good shot are only elevated with the addition of a tasty cigar.

Be considerate of other players

Although you and your buddies might like to enjoy some good stogies over a couple of rounds of golf, it is important to keep in mind that others on the course might not be so fond of our beloved hobby. Being mindful of your fellow players is one of the keys to practicing proper cigar-smoking etiquette while golfing.

Standing downwind of other players, especially when about to put or swing, will help to avoid distracting them while they take their shot. This is true for both cigar smokers and non-smokers; I doubt any of us would want a cloud on our faces and stinging our eyes as we shoot, even if there is already a cigar in our mouths!

It is also bad form to leave ashes or cigar nubs on the green. Ashes are best relegated to the fringe or even better, an ashtray, and it is far more respectable to either let the cigar go out on its own or put it out with a little water and throw it in the nearest trash bin.

Also, when addressing the ball, make sure to leave the cigar behind you rather than in front of you, as it could be distracting for you or your fellow players, or disrupt the game.

Bring a cigar holder

It is discourteous to place a cigar directly on the green or on the grass in the tee box, so when it is your turn to have a swing, you are better off having a dedicated spot to place or hold your cigar. A cigar holder is one of the essential golf cigar accessories you need to be classy and respectful on the course.

Get a cigar holder for your golf cart

One great spot to place your cigar is on a holder in your golf cart, so having one that does double duty as a cigar holder and a cup holder ashtray is a great way to cut down on the accessories you need to bring with you. It also gives you a spot to ash your cigar so none of it ends up on the green.

Get a golf bag cigar holder

A cigar clip is a great way to get a dedicated place for your cigar that comes around with you as you play a hole, and we have clips in an assortment of colors to perfectly match your golf bag. These clips are great not just for your golf bag, these nifty little cigar clips can grip onto a golf cart, lawnmower, grill, and more, making them a handy spot to rest your cigar just about anywhere!

Store your pre-lit cigars properly

If you want to enjoy your cigars on the course, then you are going to need them to make it there safely and to do that they need proper storage. When headed to the golf course, keeping your cigars in a cigar case will keep your cigars safe and free of damage while also adding a dash of luxury to your style.

To bring along more than just a couple of cigars, a travel humidor is your best bet. Not only do these storage units have more than enough room for you and your buddies to enjoy a cigar on the course, but many are also airtight and crushproof so you can keep a collection in a top-quality condition wherever you go!

Before you even think about keeping cigars properly stored on the go, you need to ensure your collection is properly stored in your cigar humidor. A well-maintained humidor is essential for a top-notch smoking experience, including keeping a consistent relative humidity of around 70% and ensuring your humidor is suitably seasoned.

Remember to share your smokes

Enjoying a cigar while playing a few rounds of golf can be great, but it is even better if everyone involved gets to participate in every aspect of the experience. Bringing enough cigars to share, whether your buddies do not often partake or if they happen to forget their sticks at home, allows everyone to be part of the fun if they want to be!

Focus on enjoying the game

Remember, you are not necessarily there to enjoy your cigar, you are there to enjoy the game of golf. Pay attention to when it is your turn to swing as well as your surroundings; if you want to get lost in the complexities and flavors of a top-shelf cigar and leave time to the wind, a cigar lounge is a place to do it. You should be focusing on your golf game, not the intricate flavors of a cigar.

What kind of cigars should you take with you?

Since you want to be focusing more on the game than your cigar, you are better off leaving your rare, top-of-the-line unicorns at home. Those extra special cigars deserve far more attention than can be garnered during a game of golf. That being said, you also want to bring something that you are definitely going to enjoy.

You are also going to be on the course for a while, so a bigger vitola like a Toro or Churchill is the way to go. This way, you will need fewer cigars to bring around and have to pause the game less frequently to spark a new cigar. Since a longer cigar will last you about eight or nine holes, a longer stick also helps to keep with the flow of the game and day.

Around 8$ to 12$ is the ideal price range for a cigar you are considering bringing with you to the golf course; still on the higher end without being too pricey or showy. Something like the top-rated Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua or something tried-and-true like the H. Upmann The Banker is a great place to start, but if you want a comprehensive list of the best cigars to bring to the course, check out this article!

Golf cigar accessories you can’t leave home without

You are going to need more than just a cigar holder to enjoy a cigar out on the course. Unless you just want your cigar looking nice clipped to your golf bag, you will need some tools to get it lit.

First, you are going to need a cigar cutter. Whether you prefer a V-cut or a straight cut, you will want to bring a cigar cutter with you to carefully remove those caps. You might also want to avoid bringing your most prized cigar cutter since it might get dirty or even worse, lost, over the course of the game.

While matches are the ideal way to light a cigar while at home or in a cigar lounge, the winds on a golf course can be gusty and prevent a match from even sparking up. A reliable butane torch cigar lighter is just what you need to get your cigars going in the gustiest of mornings.

Do you need to check with the club before you smoke?

It can never hurt to call up the golf club prior to arriving or ask when you get there, about the cigar-smoking policy that it has in place. More than likely, it will be fine for you to enjoy a fine smoke while you play your game, yet it is no doubt a considerate move to ask beforehand.

General golfing etiquette to remember

Aside from the etiquette surrounding smoking a cigar on the golf course, there is also some etiquette to keep in mind while golfing in general. Here are some helpful tips so that you do not ruffle any of the other players’ feathers while you are enjoying your time playing the game of golf.

Be early to your tee time

Nothing irks people more than being late, and if you are late to your tee time you will not only upset the people scheduled to follow you, but you may even lose your spot. Make sure you are punctual!

Don’t talk while others hit

This should be obvious but talking or making noise while other players are addressing the ball is incredibly distracting. Allow your fellow players peace and quiet for them to be at their best; I am sure you would want the same courtesy!

Obey the cart path rules

Straying from the paths dedicated to golf carts on the course is distracting to other players, can cause damage to the landscaping, or even create an unsafe situation. Golf carts, while smaller than cars, are still incredibly heavy and powerful machines that need to be respected with all relevant rules followed.

Don’t play too slow

This is not to say that you need to rush through your game but be mindful of how long your group is taking to complete a hole. Much like a car going slow in the left lane, if you find that you are seriously lagging and taking your time with your play, perhaps you might want to pick up the pace or even let the group behind you go ahead.

Know the local rules

To become familiar with the rules of your local golf club, you will likely find everything you need to know on their website or by giving them a call. Knowing the local rules will allow for a smooth and enjoyable game of golf, as well as possibly clue you into its rules regarding smoking a cigar.

In Conclusion

Now that you know everything there is to know about the proper etiquette of smoking a cigar on a golf course, get on out there and enjoy a good game of golf with a premium cigar to go with it!


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