Cohiba Cigars: A complete buyer’s guide

June 17, 2024

Cohiba Cigars: A complete buyer’s guide

When it comes to premium Cuban cigars, not many names carry as much prestige as Cohiba. The iconic brand has been linked with luxury and quality for over five decades and continues to inspire the cigar industry.

Explore everything you need to know about Cohiba, including how it began, the most popular lines, and tips for choosing your ideal Cohiba stogie.

The history of Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars was first established following a request from Fidel Castro, when the former leader was given a cigar made by Eduardo Riviera. He was so impressed with the taste, quality, and blend of Cuban tobacco that he smoked nothing else from that point on.

Riviera was then given permission to be the sole maker of Castro’s cigars. They were also shared as coveted gifts to diplomats. After some time rolling these puros, Riviera officially formed the Cohiba brand in 1966.

For over 15 years, these limited-production Cohiba’s were typically enjoyed by high-ranking Cuban officials and visiting dignitaries. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the brand was fully commercialized. The increase in production caused a sensation in the cigar world. Aficionados rushed to get their hands on the stogies after years of their rumored existence.

Most Cohiba cigars are still produced in the original El Laguito factory in Havana. Skilled artisans closely follow the time-honored Cuban traditions of cigarmaking to continue creating elegant and luxurious smokes.

Exploring the Cohiba lines

From humble, secretive beginnings to global icon status, Cohiba has expanded its portfolio over the years while protecting its reputation for quality and flavor. While every line is a pleasure to sample, some are especially enticing.

Cohiba Black

Released in 2006, the Cohiba Black line was created to offer a rich, fuller-bodied option for those who prefer a strong flavor profile. These luxurious cigars are set apart by their dark, velvety Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrappers that deliver sumptuous notes of sweet cocoa, leather, earth, and spice.

A blend of aged Dominican and Mexican long fillers increases the complexity. From the first puff, the dense, aromatic smoke coats the palate with dark chocolate, espresso, and cedar. It’s a true indulgence to savor slowly, offering an even burn and smooth draw.

Cohiba Blacks vary in size. From the petite Pequeno to the thick Gigante, there’s an ideal option for every smoker.

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Cohiba Blue

Cohiba introduced its Blue line in 2017 to provide a more balanced and approachable smoke. Made with pristine attention to detail, Cohiba Blue features a silky Honduran wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

These reddish-brown cigars with distinct blue bands have a refined, medium-bodied flavor. Hints of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon mingle on the creamy, aromatic smoke. They are less intense than some of Cohiba’s other stogies but are equally elaborate.

The line spans from the massive 7×70 size down to the smaller Pequeno, offering an accessible yet satisfying luxury option for all smoking levels. Every stick boasts impressive construction and craftsmanship that is pure Cohiba.

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Cohiba Riviera

Cohiba Riviera is a recent addition to the brand, bringing a new level of sophistication and intricacy to the Cohiba portfolio. These volcano-enriched puros are draped in a Mexican San Andres wrapper over a delicious Honduran binder and a blend of long fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras.

The medium to full-bodied blend delivers a tasty, layered profile of dark chocolate, coffee, leather, and subtle sweetness backed by notes of spice and earth. Each Riviera provides a luxurious and balanced smoke from start to finish.

With its eye-catching maroon banding and chestnut-hued San Andes wrapper, the Riviera line exudes unmistakable elegance. They are ideal for those who crave a flavorful, deep, smoking experience. This new Cohiba edition raises the bar for premium handmade cigars.

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Cohiba Nicaragua

Cohiba Nicaragua is the brand’s first venture into Nicaraguan tobacco. The line represents Cohiba’s commitment to creating unique, full-flavored blends.

A Colorado wrapper surrounds a feisty core of long-fillers from the Esteli and Jalapa regions. These are bound with authentic Nicaraguan tobacco, providing a strong, earthy, and complex taste.

These stogies showcase their bold and intense character as soon as they’re lit. Notes of leather, cedar, spice and a slight sweetness combined with a blast of black pepper. It delivers an undeniably potent smoke.

Expertly constructed and with a seamless burn, each Cohiba Nicaragua, including the Robusto Crystal, N60, and N50, makes for a satisfying experience best suited for seasoned enthusiasts.

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Cohiba Connecticut

If you’re looking for a more moderate, approachable Cohiba experience, the Connecticut line delivers.

A Mexican San Andres binder holds together aged fillers from Brazil’s Mata Fina region and the Dominican’s Piloto Cubano and Olar leaves. It also has a deliciously golden Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. The result is a medium-bodied profile brimming with creamy, subtle flavors.

Elements of toasted cedar, nuts, and a touch of spice mingle with sweetness and hints of coffee. Each Connecticut vitola, from the Toro to the Robusto, delivers a refined yet palatable experience from start to nub.

These buttery smooth Cohiba make for a welcoming, anytime-smoke that’s ideal for those who want something that’s not too overwhelming.

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Cohiba Royale

Regal in name and nature, the Cohiba Royale line delivers a rich and indulgent smoke. These Dominican cigars are wrapped in a Nicaraguan Broadleaf wrapper from the Jalapa Valley and contain a deluxe blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers. They’re bunched in a sturdy Dominican Piloto Cubano bind.

The Royale envelops the tastebuds with its full-bodied and extravagant smoke. Aged leather, bittersweet cocoa, earth, and spices come together with undertones of wood and a faint sweetness. It’s a lavish profile worthy of its title.

Each Cohiba Royale is expertly rolled, with the jet-black and gold band signifying the luxury within. Appreciate the finer things in life with this opulent Cohiba line — the peak of premium cigar experiences.

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Cohiba Macassar

Cohiba named its Macassar line after the ebony wood used for its packaging. The smoke embodies sophistication, featuring a smooth Connecticut Havana wrapper surrounding well-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers bound with a Connecticut Broadleaf binder.

To make the experience even more delicious, the tobaccos spend the final of four years aging in fragrant rum barrels. The result is a medium to full-bodied profile that delivers a varied smoke with flavors of aromatic wood, leather, baking spice, and sweetness.

Each puff of the special blend makes for an immensely satisfying experience. Presented in striking wooden boxes, this distinguished line represents the height of Cohiba’s artistry and craftsmanship.

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Cohiba Red Dot

Set apart by its signature red dot on the band, Cohiba Red Dot is a perfect representation of the brand’s well-known smoothness and balance. The line was introduced in the late 1990s for the American market and has remained popular ever since.

Red Dots are Dominican-made and have a delicate Cameroon wrapper over an Indonesian binder and blend of Dominican tobacco leaves. This bespoke combination delivers a velvety smoke with notes of leather, caramel, cinnamon, and coffee.

From the 6×50 Toro Tube to the on-the-go Miniatures, each Red Dot has become a hallmark of luxury with cigar fans worldwide. Its refined character makes it a great choice for new and veteran connoisseurs alike.

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Cohiba Serie M

The release of the Cohiba Serie M marked several “firsts” for the brand. Most importantly, it was the first time a Cohiba cigar had been produced Stateside.

The stogie first launched in 2021 as a limited edition. Made in the El Titan de Bronze factory in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, each cigar is handmade by a select group of skilled torcedores (cigar rollers).

Serie M features a dark Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Spice, leather, cedar, and cocoa harmonize with hints of sweet caramel on the long, smooth finish.

The stick celebrates the brand’s heritage while forging new territory. It’s a bold and complex cigar that has already captivated Cohiba enthusiasts on both shores.

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How to choose the right Cohiba Cigar

With such a wide portfolio, selecting the right Cohiba for your taste and occasion can feel daunting. With a few helpful tips, you’ll have a lot of fun picking out your perfect variety.

Consider your strength preference

One of the first decisions is weighing your preference for body and strength. If you like a creamier experience, look to the Connecticut or the Blue. The more full-bodied Red Dot and Black make better options for those craving a bolder, richer smoke.

Match the flavor profile

Next, you need to think about the main flavor notes you tend to enjoy in a cigar. Do you prefer profiles centered around cedar and nuts? You might be drawn to offerings like the Red Dot or Royale. Enjoy notes of cocoa, espresso, and sweet spice? The decadent Cohiba Black line could be your match.

Think about the occasion

When and how you plan to smoke can also influence your Cohiba selection. Are you looking for a short, quick smoke to enjoy over your favorite drink? The Pequeno, Robusto, or Corona sizes work well. Celebrating a special occasion with lots of time to linger? You might want to indulge in a Churchil or Gigante vitola. The names and ranges of the sizes vary depending on the Cohiba line.

Don’t shy away from help

With so many options to choose from, don’t hesitate to get help from a cigar expert, such as JR Cigars. Simply explain your flavor preferences and when or how you plan to smoke —  our experts can then ensure you select a Cohiba that delivers what you’re looking for.

Tips for buying authentic Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba’s prestigious reputation comes with the unfortunate reality of counterfeit sticks. Avoiding fakes is crucial to make sure you’re getting the real Cohiba cigars experience.

Only purchase from authorized retailers

Find a reputable tobacconist or online retailer that sources directly from official Cohiba distributors. At JR Cigars, we have excellent relationships with many of the world’s most renowned cigar brands, including Cohiba. Buying through us means you avoid dealing with other third-party sellers that can’t validate provenance.

Look at the packaging and bands

Cohiba’s packaging has an attention to detail that’s difficult to replicate. You can look at things like embossed codes, hologram stickers, the quality of the cedar lining, and the band colors or materials, to see if the cigar is genuine.

Inspect the construction

The construction standards of Cohiba are remarkably high. Make sure there is an even coloring, seamless wrap line, triple cap, and cold hand-feel with just the right amount of give.

Don’t be fooled by pricing

If Cohiba pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s an ultra-premium brand with a justifiable price tag. Be wary of dramatic discounts that could indicate the cigar is fake.

The best pairings for your Cohiba Cigars

Part of the enjoyment of a Cohiba lies in complementing its sumptuous flavors. The right drink pairing can take your smoking adventure to new heights.

The creamy, nutty notes of offerings like the Connecticut line find perfect partners in spirits, including aged rum, Scotch whisky, or a finely crafted beer. A toasty pale ale or brown ale can also harmonize beautifully.

Cohiba’s more medium-bodied cigars, such as the Red Dot or the Blue, call for drinks that can match their complexity. Dry red wines featuring rich fruit and spice are a great pairing, as are finely aged tawny ports. A highland Speyside Scotch also makes a great companion.

When indulging in Cohiba’s full-throttle blends like the Blacks or Nicaraguas, you’ll want an equally strong drink to go with it. Pairings might include intense Maderias, barrel-aged stouts, bold Cabernet Sauvignons, or smoky Islay single malts.

Of course, personal taste plays a huge role, but carefully considering these pairing suggestions helps create an excellent Cohiba draw. Relax, savor, and appreciate the finer things in life.

Find your perfect Cohiba match at JR Cigars

The Cohiba brand represents the peak of luxury and craftsmanship in the premium cigar world. Their uncompromising quality and diverse portfolio mean there’s always a Cohiba to delight every palate.

Make JR Cigars your go-to retailer when exploring Cohiba’s many offerings. As an authorized Cohiba seller, JR provides one of the widest selections at competitive prices, backed by our cigar expertise. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you to the perfect Cohiba match.

Whether you’re commemorating a milestone or simply enjoying a quiet moment, Cohiba remains one of the most popular cigar brands for any occasion. Visit JR Cigars today to explore the full range of Cohiba stogies.


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