Alec Bradley Buying Guide

October 21, 2020

Alec Bradley Buying Guide

Alan Rubin and his sons, Alec and Bradley, are the truest representation of the American Dream.  Alan started his company at the tail end of the cigar boom and through years of dedication, discipline, and ingenuity he turned his small boutique cigar company into one of the largest and most popular cigar manufacturers in the country.

Now his sons, the namesakes of the company, are starting out on their own as well and carving their own names into the annuls of cigar history.  The Rubin family are now considered cigar royalty, with their products seen on the shelves of nearly every cigar store in the country.

As we continue our popular buying guide series, we decide this month to focus on the rich lineup of cigars from Alec Bradley. As with all of our buying guides, there are several more amazing cigars from this company, however these are the ones we think you need to smoke to get the best understanding of the company and what they do best.

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Alec Bradley Tempus

By 2007, Alec Bradley cigars just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After a few tough years, they began to see some success with lines such as the Occidental Reserve and the Maxx.  However, it was the Tempus that shot them up to superstardom.  This was their first full-bodied offering and it showcased the blending talents of Alan and his team.

The Tempus is hand-rolled with aged Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.  The wrapper is an aged Honduran Criollo 98 leaf.  Each puff delivers notes of almonds, pepper, earth, and coffee.  For nearly 15 years, the Tempus has been the backbone of the Alec Bradley portfolio and is a must-have smoke for any aficionado.

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Alec Bradley Black Market

As the cigar industry evolves, so must manufacturers.  Over the past decade, cigar smokers are leaning towards a more full-bodied and full-flavored experience as well as cigars with unique and creative packaging.  The Alec Bradley Black Market is a great example of this transition done correctly.  It is a bold blend but is also creatively named and packaged to make it even more unique.

The Black Market is handcrafted with tobaccos from Honduras and Panama for the filler.  The binder is a dark and rich Sumatra leaf while the wrapper is a zesty Nicaraguan variety.  This complex blend of different tobaccos gives of a full-flavored profile with notes of zest, coffee, and some sweetness as well.  A bold entry into the Alec Bradley portfolio, the Black Market remains one of their most popular lines.

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Alec Bradley Magic Toast

So far, the cigars we have been discussing have been iconic and important to the growth and popularity of Alec Bradley.  For this entry, we have a cigar that is simply, in my opinion, one of their best.  The Magic Toast was thought up in the middle of a field at night. Alan and his team were reviewing a special crop of tobacco that they knew was going to be an immense hit. As they celebrated and cheered, the name of Magic Toast was born.

This cigar uses a special blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos as well as dark and oily Honduran wrapper.  Notes of coffee and earth and present throughout, with dashes of red and white pepper, sprinkled in as well.  Between the complexity, the smooth aroma, and the flawless construction this remains one of the most well-balanced and well-made cigars I’ve ever had.

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Alec & Bradley Blind Faith

Alec and Bradley are the namesakes of their father’s company. However, while they still work for their father, they have also started out on their own to make their own name in the industry, and so far they are crushing it.  The Blind Faith was the first project the boys did on their own and it has gone on to be a huge hit.

The Blind Faith uses three different filler tobaccos all from the Esteli region of Nicaragua.  It uses a double binder from Honduras and Nicaragua and a special wrapper from the families farm in the Trojes region of Honduras.  It is incredibly complex with notes of pepper, earth, and nuts and a slight distinct sweetness.  This cigar is ushering in a new era for the Rubin family and is doing so in a tremendous way.

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Alec Bradley Prensado

This is the cigar that transformed Alec Bradley from a top cigar manufacturer to an iconic one.  To have a cigar named #1 cigar of the year is a dream for anyone and is of course incredibly difficult.  To this day, the Prensado remains the only Honduran cigar to be named the #1 cigar of the year, making it all the more legendary.

The cigar uses aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco for its blend, including proprietary Honduran Corojo tobacco from the family fields in Trojes.  Notes of leather and chocolate mix effortlessly with hints of spice for a well-rounded and full-flavored cigar.  Its construction is otherworldly and even after a decade of being one of the best selling cigars on the market, it remains incredibly consistent.  The Prensado belongs to an exclusive club of cigars that is etched in the Pantheon of cigar greats.

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