ACID Cigars Buying Guide

May 30, 2019

Acid Cigars

While Acid cigars may have not been the first line created by Drew Estate, they were certainly the catalyst for making the company one of the largest in the industry.  Cigar shops around the country are lined with rows of different Acid cigars and they have become one of the best selling cigars in the world.  They took the often disregarded infused cigar portion of the community and turned it upside down, making unique, flavorful and high end infused cigars using high-end tobacco and creative marketing techniques.


Today, Acids remain exceptionally popular due to their quality and variety.  There is almost no end to the list of Acid lines including a plethora of private labels for online cigar stores and brick and mortar shops.  Among the most popular are the Kuba Kuba and the Blondie, with the Kuba Kuba being among the best-selling cigars in the world.  Private labels such as the Acid Route 10 or the Acid Ripcord are made only for us here at Jr Cigars.


While Drew Estate has grown considerably since the Acid line debuted and have focused more and more on their premium cigar lines, Acid remains a fan favorite.  It is popular amongst novice smokers or people who just prefer a more floral, infused cigar experience.  If you are shopping online for cigars and are in the mood for a smooth and flavorful infused smoke, you can pick up the entire Acid cigar line right here at JR Cigars.




ACID Route 10



ACID Blue Kuba Kuba



ACID Ripcord




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