Best Wine & Cigar Pairings

July 29, 2015

  1. Zinfandel and a My Father No. 1– A true red Zinfandel is an elegant mix of berry flavors and a subtle but noticeable spice and is great for cigar pairings. Its not harsh, but a hint of spice and pepper is definitely evident as well as a cedar undertone.  A nice My Father, a smooth yet spicy Nicaraguan full body, would go tremendously well with this spicy red.
  2. Chardonnay and a Romeo Vintage III– Although most great cigar and wine pairings include red wines, a good light chardonnay could be a great match up. A light chardonnay is crisp and light, with a smooth, fruity and creamy taste.  This wine will pair perfect with a light Romeo Vintage in the III size.  It’s a Dominican smoke with a light Connecticut wrapper, with a creamy smooth finish.
  3. French Bordeaux and a Camacho Triple Maduro– French Bordeaux is classified as heavy and rich. It’s layered with flavors of black fruit, earth, and a nice oak finish.  A Camacho Triple Maduro is the perfect cigar for this heavy French wine.  It’s a heavy Honduran with nice earthy flavors.  Its wrapper is an oily rich, maduro wrapper, giving notes of coffee and black cherry.
  4. Chianti and a La Aroma de Cuba– One of the best Italian wines you can find, a good chianti is a dry red with a medium body. Its rich and smooth with some good darker fruit flavors.  La Aroma de Cuba, especially in the Churchill size, it’s a great pair up.  It’s a medium bodied Nicaraguan with a lot of flavor and is exceptionally smooth.
  5. California Cabernet and an El Rico Habano– A California Cabernet is a tough wine to match up because in terms of strength, they tend to vary. However, some of the better Cabernets will be very full bodied and dry, with a rich oak and cedar taste.  The king of strong cigars, the El Rico Habano, would pair up nice, but make sure your sitting down when you smoke it.

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