Top 5 Easter Cigars of 2022

April 13, 2022


Easter is upon us! As gimmicky and commercial-heavy this holiday has gotten, we mustn’t forget the true meaning of Easter that some may celebrate, the resurrection of Jesus.

This Sunday while you’re gathering with family, having festive food and drinks, don’t forget to treat yourself throughout the day. No, I’m not talking about satisfying your sweet tooth (which you totally should be doing anyway). I’m talking about satisfying that itch to enjoy a few good cigars throughout your Easter holiday.

From Crowned Heads to Rocky Patel, here are the Top 5 Easter Cigars for 2022.

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Crowned Heads CHC Serie E

Leading off our Top 5 Easter Cigars is a cigar you should enjoy ending your Easter night correctly. The new cigar from Crowned Heads CHC Serie E pays homage to Van Halen’s song “Eruption”. Founder Jon Huber said he dedicated this smoke to that song because he wanted your smoking experience to emulate how the song is, with a sporadic mood throughout the one minute and forty-five seconds of pure heaviness.

Jon Huber adds to his long list of cigars that pay homage to some of his favorite musicians and band. With Crowned Heads cigars dedicated to Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash, it’s only fitting he had one paying homage to the late, great Eddie Van Halen.

The reason I chose the CHC Serie as a nightcap was for a multitude of reasons. One being the size. This 5.50 x 50 medium to full-bodied smoke is the perfect size to end the night after a very long day. Secondly, the Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler compliment the Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro extremely well and aren’t too much on the palate or your stomach.

Some flavor notes you may detect while enjoying the new stogie from Crowned Heads are earth, spice, chocolate, and white pepper on the backend. If this cigar fits in your wheelhouse, then you have three other sizes you can choose from that all come in a box of 20. So make sure to stop by JR Cigars today to get the delicious CHC Serie E from Crowned Heads!

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Rocky Patel LB1

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars for Easter in 2022 is the delicious Rocky Patel LB1 in the 6 x 44 Corona Size. The LB1 is a cigar I’d start my day off with. While you’re waiting for all the food to cook and for guests to arrive, you can enjoy this longer smoke in its entirety. Another reason this is my go-to smoke for most mornings or early afternoons is due to the medium-bodied strength you’ll get from it. It’s one cigar you can start the day off right that won’t mess with you in any way, shape, or form.

If the name of this cigar piques your interest, it hails from the El Paraiso factory and its labeling system. It’s a blending code that Rocky implemented, so this specific one must have been the winner in Rocky’s mind and for good reasoning. Cloaked in a light brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the Rocky Patel LB1 features a binder from Honduras and filler tobaccos that hail from Nicaragua.

Some flavors you’ll detect while smoking the Rocky Patel LB1 are earth, coffee, nuts, and a long creamy finish on the backend. The LB1 is featured in five different sizes that come in a box of 20! So if you enjoyed this festive smoke on Easter, hop on over to JR Cigars and get a box of the LB1 by Rocky Patel today!

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AVO Syncro Caribe

Landing at the three spot of our Top 5 Cigars to enjoy for Easter in 2022 is the AVO Syncro Caribe in a perfect 6 x 52 size. You’ve had some appetizers, maybe a beer or two and you’re still waiting for the main course to finish cooking. If you have some time to kill, then this is the perfect cigar for you. With a smoke time from 55-65 minutes, you can squeeze this full-bodied gem from the Dominican Republic into your holiday schedule.

The reason I’d have the AVO Syncro Caribe with some food in your system is that the rich tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Nicaragua make up the wrapper, binder, and filler make up for some intense and unique flavor notes. This combination is a dream for the full-bodied cigar lovers out there. Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking this stick are leather, graham cracker, earth, cocoa, and a touch of citrus on the backend for your palate to enjoy!

Besides the size available in this sampler, you can get the AVO Syncro Caribe in two other sizes that come in a box of 20. Make sure to visit JR Cigars after your Easter festivities and get a box of the scrumptious AVO Syncro Caribe!

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JR Ultimate 50th Anniversary

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars for Easter 2022 hails from our big endeavor Nick Libretti and our company accomplished in 2021 for JR Cigar’s 50th anniversary. One cigar in our twelve cigar lineup that made major waves was the JR Ultimate 50th Anniversary. Available in one, 6 x 54 Toro size, the JR Ultimate 50th Anniversary smoke was created by industry genius AJ Fernandez. We at JR knew we’d need a titan to complete what we had in mind.

If I had to decide on a time to smoke this medium to full-bodied gem throughout the day, I’d say after dinner is your best bet to enjoy this bad boy. Cloaked in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, the JR Ultimate 50th is bound by Connecticut Broadleaf tobaccos, all while being filled with tobaccos that hail from Honduras. Some flavor notes you’ll detect are earth, chocolate, black cherry, and espresso on the backend.

As mentioned before, there’s only one size of this gem that comes in a box of 10. A full box is still available on our website. But act today because who knows when this limited cigar will be gone for good.

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Aganorsa Signature Selection

Last but certainly not least is the Aganorsa Signature Selection to round out our Top Cigars 2022 for Easter. Another Toro on this list, this time in the 6 x 52 fashion. This full-bodied smoke can fit in any time of the day once you have food in your stomach. So if you feel like enjoying this scrumptious smoke from Aganorsa after appetizers or right after dinner, then this is the smoke for you. This Nicaraguan puro utilizes Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 tobaccos for the wrapper, binder, and filler, so you know you’re going to be in for quite a treat.

Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking the Aganorsa Signature Selection Toro are earth, white pepper, and cocoa on the backend that compliments any after-dinner drink or coffee you may pair along with it. If you enjoyed smoking the 6 x 52 in this sampler, the Aganorsa Signature Selection has two other sizes, that come in a box of 20.

If you enjoyed this smoke, or any of the other four best cigars of 2022 for Easter available in this sampler, then stop by JR Cigars and get a full box of these today and add them to your collection!



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