Gurkha Colorado Cigar Review: This Gurkha Will Slice The Competition!

Our Website: Get the Gurkha Colorado Here:… Named for its Ecuador Connecticut binder, the Gurkha Colorado is a full-bodied-cigar smoker’s dream. An oily … Read More

Gurkha Ghost Cigar Review: Now You See it…Now you Don’t!

Our Website: Get the Gurkha Ghost Here:… Scared of ghosts? Us too….but not this one. Just look at the band on this thing; … Read More

Gurkha The Classic Havana Blend: The #CIGARchitect Loves the Classics

This time, Gurkha decided to simplify and go back to the basics. Recreating age old Cuban techniques, The Gurkha havana blend is strong yet smooth and rich. In a beautiful antique themed wooden box, this … Read More

Gurkha Red Witch Cigar Review: Sail The High Seas On The Red Witch!

Gurkha offers an endless list of cigars, each one better than the last. The Red Witch is no exception. With premium tobaccos from three countries combined in an elegant box-pressed shape, this cigar is complex … Read More

Gurkha Black Rose: Black Rose Sun, Wont You Come

The great part about Gurkha is that every one of there lines is fantastic, from their high ends to their bundles, and the Black Rose is no differet. An affordable bundle cigar with high end … Read More

Gurkha 125th Cigar Review: Nick Tries The Best!

It amazes me that with all the fantastic lines of Gurkha, not one was ever rated in the top 25. that all ended with this masterpiece…The Gurkha 125th Anniversary. Spicy and sweet, the cigar is … Read More

Gurkha Ninja at JR Cigar

Our own stealthy Steve (who somehow remains completely invisible in this cigar-review video) shares his opinion on the high-quality yet low-priced Gurkha Ninja line of handmade premium smokes, available now at JRCIGARS.COM. Read More

Gurkha Evil at JR Cigar

  In this JR video review, cigar-store superhero Steve Nathan defeats Evil…basically by lighting it on fire and smoking the life out of it. One of the boldest blends in the popular Gurkha brand’s luxurious … Read More

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Cigars are one of the world’s premier luxury goods. While some brands are created more for a budget friendly aficionado, some are crafted to cater to the lifestyle of the rich and powerful. Rolex, Lamborghini, and Gulf Stream are luxury … Read More

Gurkha Black Rose Connecticut

Grand Toro · 6.5 × 55 Gurkha Black Rose Connecticut Grand Toro is a big cigar with even bigger flavor. This premium offering made just for JR is medium bodied in strength with flavors of sweet cedar, chocolate, … Read More

Gurkha Goes Big

Gurkha Cigars, which claims to have the world’s most expensive cigar—His Majesty’s Reserve – is going upscale once more with another pricy stick.  His Majesty’s Reserve is infused with Louis XIII Cognac and that costs about $2500 per bottle … Read More

Bubba’s Smokes

Bill Clinton has been out of office now for almost a generation (14 years) but still in the limelight of course.   He is known as someone who smokes cigars (as seen in this photo from Reuters in 1999) … Read More

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