The Best Places to Smoke a Good Stogie

So what are some of the best places to smoke a good stogie? Years ago, this would be a very easy question to answer: “Just about anywhere you want”! Today with all of the stringent smoking laws, your options are … Read More

Smoking Laws Gone Wild, Part 2

A long, long time ago when smoking was accepted in our great land and my dad was able to buy all of his power tools in the Montgomery Ward department store without having to extinguish his green dog-rocket, there were … Read More


Nebraska We’ve kept you informed about the efforts in Nebraska to once again allow cigar smoking.  It is now officially legal again for the state’s cigar bars.  Governor Pete Ricketts signed the emergency bill late last week that reinstates the … Read More

House & Senate

Last week, I mentioned the Cigar Rights of America had introduced a bill in the House to keep the FDA out of our humidors.  Now there is a Senate companion bill in the hopper. Folks I cannot stress how important … Read More

Moving legislation

The Cigar Rights of America is busy right now.  Legislatures across the country are back in session and there is the new session of Congress.  Lots of places to look for legislation aimed at screwing cigar smokers.  But as I … Read More

Moving Ahead

Last week I told you about the legislation moving through Nebraska to once again allow smoking at cigar bars and in tobacco shops.  Well that bill has now moved forward. Read More

Cornhusker Fighting

This week in Nebraska, the Cigar Rights of America is giving testimony in efforts to let Nebraska’s cigar bars and cigar shops keep smoking.  Last year, a state Supreme Court decision ruled the legislative exemptions to allow smoking was against … Read More

Et Tu Kentucky?

Apparently Kentucky is eying tobacco as a way of increasing revenues for the state.  A tax bill introduced into the House (HB132) makes a lot of changes to the commonwealth’s tobacco taxes. First up … Read More

Good News Bad News

In Nebraska, it was thought that smoking in the state’s cigar bars would end with the dawn of the New Year.  Last year, that state’s supreme court ruled that the exemption for cigar bars to the state’s non-smoking law was … Read More

Fixed in Stone?

When the FDA tobacco control act was written for cigarettes, products under its jurisdiction were supposed to have been on the market by February 15, 2007.  Any product after that date had to go through mounds of paperwork to be … Read More


Last week we wrote about the town of Westminster, MA. that was going to try to ban the sale of tobacco.  At the time the health board said they would bring the matter up again.  Apparently the board has had … Read More

No More Nebraska Smoking

Well, the reprieve for Nebraska’s cigar bars was very short lived.  Last month, the state liquor commission allowed the state’s 12 cigar bars to renew their smoking  that expired on … Read More

Nebraska still smokin for now

Back around Labor Day, I told you about how Nebraska’s cigar bars were going to have to shut down.  Seems an Omaha pool hall challenged the smoking ban and ended up getting all the exemptions removed especially for the state’s … Read More

Still Smoking in Lubbock

Last week, the Lubbock city council was supposed to vote on a new smoking ban but instead the vote was postponed indefinitely.  Not for any really good reason, but because the … Read More


Back in 1875, French composer Georges Bizet debuted the opera that would make him famous – Carmen.  The opera is a classic, and I remember as a child going to the Academy of Music in Philadelphia on a school trip … Read More

WHO’s in charge?

Ok as I sit here in Ebola Central—fortunately for me the people who are being watched and the guy who has it live several miles away.  Still way too close.  Anyway, so what is making news from the World Health … Read More

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