Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets

August 13, 2018

Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets cigars are the third blend in the enormously popular Kentucky Fire Cured series from Drew Estate. The cigars employ the same top-quality Kentucky-grown and fire-cured tobaccos used in the rest of the line, but this one features a new sweetened savory tip that adds some BBQ, bourbon, and maple syrup goodness to the blend. Handmade premium Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets cigars are medium bodied in strength and provide hickory smoked flavors that are so smooth and fragrant, you’ll instantly be transported to a relaxing fireside. Made to pair splendidly with a host of grilled meats, craft beers, and whiskeys, these tasty gems from Drew Estate are a must-try smoking experience for every cigar aficionado.


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