Romeo y Julieta Habanos

September 22, 2015

The medium flavored Romeo y Julieta cigar has been on the market for 140 years. This Habano allows adult enthusiasts a way of traveling back in time to experience the creamy, earthy flavor with just a hint of spice, just as it was enjoyed during the 19th century in Havana, Cuba. Historians believe that Romeo y Julieta was first launched in Havana in the 1850s by “Inocencio” Alvarez Rodriguez and Jose “Manin” Garcia, but the brand wasn’t officially registered until the 1870s.

An Illustrious History

Of course, the name Romeo y Julieta is the Spanish translation for Shakespeare’s most celebrated play, “Romeo and Juliet.” This romantic tragedy is depicted on the brand’s logo through the famous balcony scene. The logo also boasts gold medallions, which represent the awards the brand has won since its introduction.

Romeo y Julieta Habanos were promoted at high society events throughout the world by Jose “Pepin” Rodriguez Fernandez, who acquired the brand in 1903. Introducing his luxury cigars to a global market caused the brand’s popularity to grow exponentially. Because of the wealthy status of many devotees, the brand would often make personalized cigar bands for loyal customers. At one point, more than 20,000 different cigar bands were produced.

The brand was also well known for using foil made of 100% pure gold as lithographic material for the first Romeo y Julieta Habano bands. This opulent practice continued into the 1920s, symbolizing the luxurious quality of this revered Habano.

Of the many iterations that the Romeo y Julieta brand offered, Churchills (Julieta No.2 47×7) are without question the most well known vitola in the brand’s history. This iconic size was created exclusively for the notable Romeo y Julieta aficionado and British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, during the Second World War. It officially became a regular size and a part of the brand portfolio when he famously visited the Romeo y Julieta factory in 1947.

The Churchill size not only became the flagship size of the brand’s cigars, but grew to become a generic size for various other Habanos and, eventually, different cigar makes from all over the world. Thus, the impact of the brand lives on in a very palpable way.

Romeo y Julieta Today

The classic Romeo y Julieta Habano is still known today for its unparalleled smoothness. The level of consistency that has remained with this brand from its inception is impressive to say the least. Medium-bodied and easy on the palate, this brand is the embodiment of classic flavor.

Today, besides the Churchills, which still remain as one of the brand’s most popular size, Exhibicion No.4, Short Churchills, Petit Coronas, Mille Fleur, Cedros de Luxe No.1, No.2 and No.3, Coronitas en Cedro, Romeo y Julieta No.1, No.2 and No.3 in tubes, Belicosos and others are all bestsellers. One of the most notable additions in recent years have been the Wide Churchills (Montesco 55×5 1/8) size, a byproduct of the current trend toward larger ring gauges.

The Romeo y Julieta brand offers more sizes than any other Habano brand, so there is bound to be a fit for every occasion.


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