H. Upmann Habanos

H. Upmann, one of the oldest Habano brands on the market, was born in 1844 when brothers Hermann and August Hupmann opened their factory in the heart of La Habana. At its launch more than 170 years ago, … Read More

Top 10 Best Cuban Cigars

The History of Romeo y Julieta

“Two households both alike in dignity, in far Verona, where we lay our scene”…we all know the beginning to Shakespeare’s most famous theatrical work.  The tale of two star-crossed lovers has been entered in the annals of literary history for … Read More

History of Cohiba

The island of Cuba has long been the considered the “El Dorado” of tobacco.  It is almost a mythical place, where the tobacco fields stretch as far as the eye can see, and the Havana Club rum flows like water.  … Read More

The History of Punch Cigars

If you are a cigar smoker in the United States, it is only plausible that you have not only heard of Punch cigars, but that you thoroughly enjoyed them.  From the rich maduro version of the Punch Elite, to … Read More

The History of Montecristo

Montecristo, also known as “Mountain of Christ”, is a small mountainous island off the coast of Italy.  The name gained worldwide recognition following the publication of Alexandre Dumas classic novel The Count of Montecristo.  However, in today’s world, it … Read More

The Opening of the U.S. Embassy

After more than 50 years, the U.S. has reopened its embassy in the nation of Cuba.  Since its closure in 1961 by President Eisenhower, the U.S. has had little to no political contact with Cuba.  Following the Cuban revolution, and … Read More

The History of Partagas

Today, most American cigar smokers are familiar with the Partagas brand.  To them, it is a well-made, well-priced Dominican cigar, usually with a Cameroon wrapper.  The Partagas Black series is still considered one of the strongest regular production … Read More

Cuban Cigars are finally coming to America…Maybe?

Cuban Cigars are finally coming to America…Maybe? Since the 1960’s, Cuban Cigars have been quite hard to come by. While rumors have swirled around the industry for the many years, recent events seem to be the most promising for the … Read More

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