The Best Cuban Partagas Cigar Review

March 4, 2019

Cuban Partagas Cigar Review

Cuban Partagas cigars are a famous brand named for its founder, Don Jaime Partagas, who began manufacturing these gems in 1845. Today, the Cuban Partagas remains one of the most sought-after smokes on the planet, bar none!  The original Cuban Partagas cigars are among the oldest brands of cigars still in existence. Still produced in the heart of Havana, not only is this landmark factory still thriving, it has become a top tourist destination for cigar smokers around the globe, as it still offers daily tours of the facility.

A Cuban Partagas cigar is immediately recognizable by its deep, seamless, reddish hue wrapper, triple pressed cap, and impossibly firm construction.  The character of its full-bodied profile comes from a puro selection of 100% Cuban wrapper, binder, and filler tobaccos grown in the famous Vuelta Abajo—A lush hilly region north of Havana highly regarded for its rich fertile soil and the perfect climate for growing cigar leaves.

Available in a staggering array of shapes and sizes, every puff on the original Cuban Partagas cigar provides the connoisseur with a tantalizing combination of spice, wood, leather, and chocolate, that remain perfectly balanced right down to the nub. When choosing one of the many Cuban Partagas line extensions and limited series editions, you’ll find a host of intriguing tasting notes that include earth, nuts, espresso, butterscotch, cedar, and more. However, with all blends using tobaccos aged for two full years, and in many cases much more, every Cuban Partagas cigar blend provides a creamy textured smoothness, making them all a great choice for both well-seasoned smokers and those looking to move up a notch or two in strength without it becoming overwhelming.

Very few premium brands in the world today have the mystique and allure of the famous Cuban Partagas cigar, with one of the best Cuban cigar ratings.  This iconic brand can easily be found in cigar stores throughout Europe and Central America, but unfortunately, by being a victim of the Cuban trade embargo of 1962, they are still not legally sold here in the United States, so you’ll need a passport and a plane ticket to bring the legal amount home. If this is not an option for you, the good news is that the Dominican Partagas Cigar, also steeped in Cuban tradition, offers a premium handmade cigar with a surprisingly similar taste to its heralded Cuban cousin. Slightly mellower than the original blend, the medium-bodied Dominican Partagas cigar is rife with mouthwatering flavors of leather, sweet cocoa, nuts, some earthiness, and a toasty tobacco sweetness throughout.

Perhaps one day the end to the Cuban embargo will become a reality and smokers right here in the USA will be able to find both the Cuban and Dominican Partagas sitting side by side in store humidors allowing you to compare both blends. This would truly be a premium cigar lover’s dream come true!


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