Cuban Partagas Cigar & Drink Pairings

March 4, 2019

When it comes to pairing premium Cuban cigars with your favorite libations, you want to match the body of the beverage with the body of the Cuban cigar.  A light Cuban cigar should go with something lighter to drink, and a strong Cuban cigar should go with a stronger drink.  Don’t let the drink dominate the cigar and vice versa. That said, today we are going to offer you suggestions for pairing the world famous Cuban Partagas cigar.

First produced in 1845, the Cuban Partagas cigar is one of the oldest and most renowned of all Cuban brands. Available in many shapes, sizes, and varieties, the Cuban Partagas cigar is a full-bodied smoke with a unique earthy sweetness accented by lush notes of baking spices, cocoa, leather, and cinnamon. Therefore, for this pairing, you will want to go with a hearty drink that will complement the Partagas flavor and strength profile. When it comes to beer, you’ll want a good dark craft brew, strong stout, dark ale, or porter.

Vodka and gin are poor choices for pairing with the Cuban Partagas cigar as their tastes tend to overwhelm even the strongest of cigars. However, the flavors of these robust sticks absolutely pop when paired with premium bourbons, Irish whiskey, rye, and your favorite single-malts.

Cognac and dark rum are also reliable choices for almost any type of handmade premium cigar but when paired with the Cuban Partagas cigar, prepare yourself for an indulgent cigar smoking experience!

Pairing the above-mentioned drinks is just one part of the equation, for not every smoker is a fan of alcohol. For those looking to pair the Cuban Partagas cigar with non-alcoholic beverages, a frosty glass of root beer, an espresso shot, or a top-quality gourmet coffee blend will send your taste buds to stogie heaven! But in the end, your own personal taste is the final judge as to what will work and what won’t, so, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on the Cuban Partagas cigar, have fun testing out different combinations and develop your own perfect drink pairings with this legendary smoke.


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