What To Expect From Cuban Montecristo Cigars

October 9, 2018

If you ever wondered if Cuban cigars are really as good as they’re cracked up to be, smoke the original Cuban Montecristo from Havana and your answer will be unequivocally yes! The Cuban Monte may not be the most stunning premium handmade cigar you’ll ever lay your eyes on, but the light, evenly colored chestnut brown wrapper and impossibly firm construction signifies amazing craftsmanship and strict attention to detail. And, with a pre-light nose that reveals notes of barnyard hay, freshly cut wood, and aromatic cedar, you will experience a top-quality cigar that has spent ample time in the aging room.

Immediately after lighting, the smoke that is released from the foot of the cigar shoots a peppery blast through the palate and up to the nostrils, but this intensity soon gives way to tamer nuances of toasted bread, almonds, and cinnamon. At this point, the smoke remained surprisingly mellow

Moving into the second third, the body climbs from mellow to medium as some oak, and salted caramel components come into play. Still very tame, the burn remains nearly flawless with very little touch-ups required

In the final third, the pepper has returned with somewhat of a vengeance, moving this famous Cuban cigar into the solid medium-full bodied territory. However, this doesn’t last long, for a few puffs later the cigar takes on a creamy textured smoothness, as all the above flavors harmoniously meld together and take turns becoming the dominant note. This highly complex ultra-premium cigar is one that you can savor right down to the nub and enjoy every second of it.

In conclusion, although quite powerful, Cuban Montecristo Cigars, made with only the best Cuban tobaccos, are no stronger than many of the fuller bodied premium cigars readily available on the US market today, but they have a distinctly rich flavor and sweet-smelling aroma that sets it apart from other multi-country blends.


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