Cuban Montecristo No. 3 Cigar Review

October 12, 2018

Cuban cigars have always been seen as the pinnacle of quality and luxury.  Among the most well known Cuban cigar brands, Cuban Montecristo cigars always seem to land in the top 3 in terms of popularity, excellence, and prestige.  This is due to their long history of craftsmanship and when crafting their cigars.  If you are looking for an example of what made Montecristo the titan it is today, look no further than the Cuban Montecristo #3 cigar.

Unlike many of the manufacturers in the US, Cuban Montecristo cigars are generally assigned a number that corresponds to a certain size.  The Cuban Montecristo #3 cigar is what we would call a corona, with a length of 5 ½ inches and a ring gauge of 44.  It is similar in size and style to the Cuban Montecristo #4 cigar, albeit it about half an inch.  Much like it smaller predecessor, this corona packs a lot of flavor into a small package.

The Cuban Montecristo #3 cigar is hand rolled in Havana using aged Cuban tobaccos from a region known as Vuelta Abajo where some of the worlds finest cigar tobacco is grown.  Due to the age of the tobacco, this corona is actually a slow burner, giving you all the more time to enjoy it.  You’ll get over an hour of smooth smoke and a profile consisting of almonds, cedar, coffee and a slight dash of vanilla.  The burn is terrific and it has a very open draw, allowing for some great smoke output.

Now I know it is tough for many people to be able to travel abroad and smoke of these fine Cuban cigars.  However, there are some terrific options for something similar that’s available if you buy cigars online.  From Nick Melillo and the team at Foundation cigars, you can try the El Gueguense Corona Gorda.  It is rolled in a very similar shape and style to the Cuban Montecristo #3 cigar and offers up a similar, medium to full body profile.

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If you do have the chance to vacation overseas and you’re wandering around a local Cuban cigar store, make sure to stop in and check out their inventory.  For a great medium to full smoke at a great price, pick up the Cuban Montecristo #3 cigar.


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