Cuban Montecristo Edmundo Cigar Review

October 23, 2018

Besides their spectacular blends and mysterious aura in the US, there is another reason I am a big fan of Cuban cigars.  It is the history and the story behind each cigar.  There is always an epic tale dating back a hundred years that makes the cigar all the more fascinating.  Take the Cuban Montecristo Edmundo cigar for example.  Where did it get its name?  Well, during the early 20th century, cigar factory’s would hire readers, or lectures, to read the great works of fiction to the rollers throughout the day.  One of these stories was the epic The Count of Montecristo.  The lead character of the novel was named Edmund Dantes.  This translated over to Edmundo and there you have it.  Besides its literary backstory, the Cuban Montecristo Edmundo cigar just happens to be one of the most popular Cuban cigars on the market.

When it was first released in 2004, Cuban cigars were generally rolled into smaller sizes.  With the exception of the Cuban Montecristo #2 cigar, most Cuban cigars had a ring gauge under 48.  That all changed with this thick and smoky robusto smoke.  It is hand rolled on the island of Cuba, using the finest tobaccos available from an area known as Vuelta Abajo.  While it uses similar tobaccos to other Cuban Montecristo cigars, its thicker size means it will smoke and even taste slightly different.

The first thing I noticed when lighting up the Cuban Montecristo Edmundo cigar was how easy it was to draw on.  With the smaller ring gauge on many Cuban cigars, it can be difficult to get a good draw on it.  This one drew beautifully, with a tremendous amount of smoke and a wonderful burn from start to finish.  Its complexity is only rivaled by its smoothness with notes of almonds, cedar and a rich cocoa note combining effortlessly for a well balanced and delicious cigar.

For those of you unable to travel overseas to a Cuban Cigar store, there are some similar options right here in the US.  The Jacobs Ladder Robusto from Southern Draw boasts a similar size and many of the same great flavors, albeit it with a slightly darker wrapper.  The Romeo by Romeo is also a good choice, with its Ecuadorian Habano wrapper offering up a very similar profile.  However, if you have the opportunity to go abroad and are looking for a nice robusto at a Cuban cigar store, I would definitely recommend the Cuban Montecristo Edmundo cigar.

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